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Artist Work

Weighted blanket
Spring 2009
Dyed knit, and Earthenware
8ft. x 5ft. x 4 ft.
Pathway ( one of a series of photographs)
Fall 2008
Clear Tape Installation
5ft. x 1ft. x 6.5 ft.
White Lace Ruffle
Fall 2009
Porcelain and Blue Lace
12in. x 4in. x 6in.
Drawn Ruffle Connection
Fall 2009
Stoneware, Dyed Wool Yarn, and Scrap-wood
3.5ft. x 3ft. x 10ft.
Layered in Pull (Detail)
Fall 2009
Dyed knit,and Stoneware
80in. x 4in. x 40in.
The Big Picture
Fall 2009
Crochet and Stoneware
10ft. x 5 in. x 6 ft.

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am a maker by nature I like to make artwork continuously at almost frantic pace. I define a maker as a person who enjoys the process of building an object almost as much as the final product. I am fascinated by some peoples urge to build. I am particularly inspired by fiber practices. I grew up watching my Mother and Grandmother working in fiber, and was mystified by lovely hooked rugs my Great-Grandmother made that are now tattered from use. In creating work I am involved in the meditative repetition of physical motion. I think about people who engage with tasks that have these qualities especially in Rug- Hookers and Weavers. Some of the most enriching times for me have been making in a space where people of all ages are working in the same craft, such as a weaving workshop. I identify with their descriptions of a meditative journey while working. Its wonderful to filter in other peoples experience, and in exchange mine to them. I also identify with naïve artists and hobbyists. They live a life surrounded by their work, and even live in places bursting at the seems with work. They remain excited to create work in beautiful sort or of way making work through their life. Growing up, and I felt strange for how much I liked to make and the weird projects I came up with, I felt like I was an outsider artist in many ways. A challenge for me as maker and an artist is the choice of mediums that best exemplify the qualities of building and risk taking. Risk taking, which is central to my sculptural language, consists of a very physical approach to work, where I push materials and myself to a breaking point.