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Artist Work

Fence Weave
Baltimore, MD, April 2014
t-shirt string, fence, community
Revoluciones (Revolutions)
Mexico City, January 2011
found objects, paint, photography and digital collage
fold-out magazine cover: H 11" W 25.5"
Bracelet for Walking
Baltimore, MD, November 2011
street-marking paint
as long and wide as a crosswalk
Río, Por Mil Años (River, For a Thousand Years)
Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Mexico, October 2011
musical parade and river intervention with plastic bottles and other recycled materials
bottle sanke approx 25 ft long
Mexico City, November 2011
found objects, paint, and wire
H 6.5' W 13' D 1.5'
La Mudanza (The Move)
found objects and acrylic paint

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

I transform forgotten objects and spaces in order to highlight and celebrate life’s complexity, finding pattern, rhythm, and beauty within the chaos of our reality. I view everything as a puzzle. I am interested in harmonizing seemingly incongruous elements in order to emphasize the actual interconnectedness of everything in our globalized time. Discarded materials are especially fascinating to me because they are a mirror of our environment. Repurposing found objects that are so laden with history and previous associations adds an element of surprise, discovery, and humor to my work. The reorganization of the pieces provides the spectator a meditation on our culture of consumption and suggests a better utilization of resources, be they human, natural or manufactured. My social practice works are no different in process. My job as an artist is to organize a community’s ideas into a unified piece that reflects the hopes and concerns of everyone involved. The murals I have painted should be understood as the culmination of an intense collaborative process. They are not just paintings, but physical artifacts of social interaction. Taking my work out of the studio and onto the streets enables me to interact with a diverse public, increasing the accessibility of art so that we might all realize our creative potential and cooperate in the creation of a more vivid, expressive world.

Artist Bio

Emily C-D is a multidisciplinary artist who splits her time between Baltimore and Mexico. She employs various techniques including installation, design, and mural painting. The fleeting nature of much of Emily’s work is implicit in the inevitable deterioration of her repurposed materials, but also reinforces her intention to bring people into the present through the experience of temporary creative acts.

Emily has collaborated with diverse communities to transform walls, floors, bridges, fences and rivers in Mexico City, Monterrey, Saltillo, Oaxaca, Michoacan, Bogotá, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. In 2010, the Maryland State Arts Council awarded Emily highest honors for Works on Paper, and in 2014 second highest honors for Sculpture. She has also been an Open Society Institute Community Fellowship Finalist (2006). As a member of local art trio Can Collective, Emily C-D has been a semi-finalist for the Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize (2009) and a recent recipient of the PNC Transformative Art Project Grant (2012).