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Elizabeth Elgin

Elizabeth Elgin


Artist Work

Serenity Tree
11x14 inches
Too Sexy for My Mane
Oil on panel
4x6 inches
Le Croissant
Oils on panel
12x16 inches
Heron Sparkles
oils on gallery wrapped canvas
20x30 inches
Calla Lily I
Oils on panel
11x14 inches
Good Boy!
oils on panel
12x12 inches

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Bio

I love to paint! Period. Although I won the annual art award my senior year in high school (long long ago), "life" got in the way of my pursuing an art career. When I turned 60 I just decided to start; to learn as best I could. I am a member of the "It's never to late to start club". Thank goodness for the internet - so many wonderful art videos available.

I work in oils and acrylics depending upon how I feel the subject would best be rendered. Painting what catches my eye and appeals to me keeps me motivated to see a painting through to the end, whether it's an animal portrait, still life or landscapes. 

As time has gone on, I have been fortunate to be able to invest in more formal instruction with some wonderful artists/teachers and acknowledge them here:

Dan Edmondson - taught me how to work with oils, the importance of a good still life setup, and how to keep it fun. Highly recommend his class/webinars.

Tom Semmes at The Compass Atelier in Rockville, Maryland - taught me not only color theory, but that different brands of pigments mix differently! So important. Also his oil painting class taught me how to "look".

Duane Keiser - the master and founder of the Daily Painting movement - had some fabulous exercises for learning to see, memorize what you see, so you can paint faster and looser. Since he teaches a VERY direct painting method, you also have to get the color right first time out or...wipe out. How to let it go and wipe it if it's not working. (Harder to do than you'd think.)

Cindy Procious - fabulous, fabulous teacher of realism, indirect method. Would take her workshop again if she's in the area. How to take time to set up your still life, how to light it properly, how to use Photoshop or Gimp to understand better what you are seeing, how to paint broadly, then detail. How to "kill your little darlings" if it's not helping the painting. Great five day workshop!

Carlo Russo - his breathtaking art made me want to study with him. He taught how to paint flowers and it was ironic- to end up with the loose look, you actually have to pay close attention to minute value and color shifts. Flowers are actually very complex to do well, I learned.

Deborah Keirce - turned me on to the Miniature Art world, which I absolutely love.  Also taught me an innovative way to do an underpainting in bolder color and/or complementary color  which creates a glow in the painting.

I am happy my efforts have paid off.  This past year I have been juried into memberships in:

MPSGS - the Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society of DC

OPA - Oil Painters of America

IGOR - International Guild of Realism

If you wish to commission either a pet portrait or any other subject, visit my website or send me an e-mail!