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Artist Work

C-prints and cotton thread
30" x 38"
Gelatin Silver print and graphite
8" x 11"
Untitled Mural
C-prints, tape, staples, cotton thread
6' x 10'
I Seven Dangerous
Paper, graphite, ink, c-print
8" x 11"

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)
Prior to 2012

Artist Statement

With advancing technology, sciences, and cultures, we seem to be morphing our bodies into inventions that change over time through physical, mental, or environmental manipulation. While these images are far from representing the ideal human, they are the transgressed body, removing it from the categorization of normalcy. The body is in a state of flux between letting nature takes its course to us as a culture and society stepping in and trying to take control of nature. As we try to attain the idealized body with each advance in technology, the further we mutate it from its original state, creating an artificial body. With this notion, I have intentionally mutated the body as an investigation and representation of the body in transition. I have been photographing the male and female body in various static and kinetic positions. I tear then restructure the images by re-arranging them and sewing the various parts together with a needle and black cotton thread to create life size photographic assemblages of the imperfect or mutated body. The sewing is a collective representation of the various ways we are able to morph our bodies. The stitches resemble sutures; where surgery is one means of many that can repair the body or correct the body. This tearing and sewing is an act of analyzing and reflecting on the body as it becomes more grotesque and unnatural the further we alter it in modern medicine and culture.

Artist Bio

Elizabeth Crisman was born in 1974 and is originally from Virginia. In 1998, she recieved her BFA in ceramics and jewelry from Virginia Commonwealth University. She recently recieved her MFA in Photography and Digital Image from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2006 with a Fellowship Award. Most recently she has been awarded the Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist's Grant for Photography in 2007. Elizabeth Crisman has exhibited work along the East Coast at such venues as 1708 Gallery in Richmond, VA; Maryland Art Place in Baltimore, MD; Icebox in Philadelphia, PA and the Deleware Center for Contemporary Art in Wilmington, DE. Currently she lives in Baltimore where she teaches at area colleges and is the Gallery Coordinator for the Chesapeake Gallery at the Harford Community College.