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Artist Work

Pigeon in Baltimore
oil on canvas
Florence Road
oil on canvas
Poppy field
oil on canvas
Golden Retriever
oil on canvas
Sheep in the meadow

Artist Information

Howard County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Elisabeth Vismans-Bout was born in the Netherlands in 1951. As a teenager she already won a prestigious scholarship in drawing but didn’t take art classes until much later in life. Instead she studied French and worked for several international companies in the Netherlands as well as in France, Australia and Germany. Once she moved to the States in the summer of 2000 she settled with her family in Maryland where she first worked with color and fabric, but soon turned to painting. As she had been drawing all her life this was the logical next step. She is enrolled at the Delaplaine visual art centre where she takes oil painting classes with Mark Brockman. She also takes workshops whenever she can because there is so much to explore. The interaction with other artists is also of great importance and so much fun. Elisabeth is a prolific painter and paints almost every day working using the best oil paints. She paints by a wide variety of subjects and is especially interested in the human figure. The style of the painting is often dictated by the subject or state of mind, sometimes more like the old Dutch school, sometimes more impressionistic. She always had a great sense of color and strives to bring bright colors and texture to all her paintings. Besides the harmony of color the interaction of lights and darks strikes her the most but she is also attracted by the movement of warm and cool colors the Impressionists used so effectively as well as their compositions. A good painting has good bones and every painting needs to be planned out carefully before a brush can be put to the canvas.

Artist Bio

Elisabeth Vismans was born and raised in the Netherlands, speaks four languages and worked for a number of international companies. Before moving to the States in 2000 she and her husband lived in several different countries. As a teenager she already won a prestigious scholarship in drawing but didn’t get into painting until later in life. She started by taking classes in acrylics but nowadays works mostly in oils. Her favorite subjects are flowers, pets, the human figure and landscapes. Her style is best described as impressionistic. She has won awards and has paintings in several (international) private collections, as well as in the State House in Annapolis. She participates in a number of local juried shows and has solo exhibitions as well.