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Ed J. Kaitz

Ed J. Kaitz


Artist Work

Selfie playing blues diatonic harmonica
Mideastern Chromatic Harp solo (Mideast Snake Jam, copyright Ed J. Kaitz)
Example of Diatonic blues harmonica, crossharp
Live jam solo on "All of Me"
Chromatic Harmonica, Bossa Nova melody, Live March 2015
Music, Chromatic Harmonica, backing tracks
Oh Danny Boy, Live, Chromatic Harmonica, March 2015
Music, chromatic harmonica

Oh Danny Boy, Live performance, Chromatic Harmonica, March 2015

Bossa Nova Live, Chromatic Harmonica, March 2015

Jam Solo on " All of Me "

Ed J. Kaitz Harmonica Performance, Simple Blues Riff, amplified

Mideast snake Jam | Chromatic harp | Ed Kaitz | 443-341-6695

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Music, Performing Arts

Artist Statement

I am enthusiastic about teaching middle school and high school level students the wonders of the harmonica. It is a powerful instrument, no matter what kind of music is played and has been called "The People's Instrument".

Artist Bio

Ed J. Kaitz is a professional blues, gospel, rock and pop harmonica player and teacher on both the diatonic harmonicas and the Chromatic harmonica.  Ed began playing the harmonica in 1969, learning from the master Harmonica players of the blues through recordings.  In the 1980s he joined the innovative Cambridge Harmonica Orchestra, networking and learning from many of the best harmonica players in Washington, DC and on the East Coast. Later Ed studied advanced harmonica technique with world class teachers such as Mr. Joe Filisko, Mr. Gary Primich and Mr. Sandy Weltman.  Ed has taught beginning harmonica lessons to youth and adults since 1997, and independently since 1999. Ed has performed extensively as an accompanist to singer songwriters, has performed with the Big Daddy Stalllings Blues Band, and worked playing melodies of the 30s to 50s on Chromatic harmonica, room to room in nursing homes  part time for 6 years.