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dwayne thomas

dwayne thomas


Artist Work

3 eyed kangaroo
Mustapha Ali
Man in Scarf
the rains in germantown
juliana brigante espinosa
one bright day in the middle of the night

the rains in germantown

mustapha ali

Artist Information

Charles County
Artistic Category

Film, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Music, Performing Arts, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Bio

I have been a professional artist since 2001. It all started out acting, but has now branched out into all aspects of creative expression. MSW Productions was borne to not only explore my own creativity but the wonderful, colorful magic in others. Through them, over the years in many places, I've been able to gain knowledge in almost every aspect of the creative world and continue to grow by working with people who are passionate about their craft and the pursuit of their absolute truth. 

While on this path, I have been able to work onscreen for FX (The Americans) for which I was considered for an Emmy, CBS (Blue Bloods) and HBO (The Knick). 

Behind the camera I've shot and edited a multitude of films including my first feature "The Real", the ongoing series "Jokes"

My collective experiences also allowed me to complete and publish my first book "One Bright Day in the Middle of the Night" (a philosophical journey through time, the mind, music, relationships and the world through the eyes of a unique Brother and Sister pair). My mother was so impressed with it that she allowed me to publish her book "In the Silence of My Mind" (her collection of personable poems)

The journey continues on, and I am still learning. Stay blessed