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Drew Stevyns

Drew Stevyns


Artist Work

Drew Stevyns
Start Over from "Somewhere in Between"
"Set Me Free" - Performed LIVE in Nashville, TN
Overboard - "Please Excuse the Machine"
We All Fall - "Somewhere in Between"
Want You So Bad - "Somewhere in Between"

Artist Information

Carroll County
Artistic Category

Music, Performing Arts

Artist Bio

Drew Stevyns believes in the purity of music, in how it is organically written and how it is presented to listeners. Music has to be honest. It has to be based on what the writer feels or has experienced in his or her own life, otherwise it is a lie. It is imperative that he provide a song or performance that is emotionally connected to his audience. It is his goal that the music he produces relates to listeners through their own unique experiences and circumstances. It is necessary the music he provides allows a deep feeling within a listener’s soul outside of what the industry standard has provided as the social-norm of music today. Drew was a top 10 finalist on the hit television show "America's Got Talent" in 2009.