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Doug Heifetz

Doug Heifetz


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Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Bio

Doug Heifetz designs and handcrafts silver creations of all kinds, using reclaimed vintage materials. Through his company, Lost & Forged, Heifetz creates a wide range of original jewelry, accessories, Judaica items and home decor. Artscape Baltimore selected him as the Artscape 2016 Emerging Artist for Jewelry. He has sold pieces to customers in at least seven countries overseas, as well as nearly every state in the USA. He first experimented with metalwork when searching for a handicraft to share with his family, friends and community. He soon 'fell down the rabbit hole', however, and his initially whimsical experiment quickly became a preoccupation with the craft of silversmithing, as applied to vintage materials. He began to study techniques of hand forging, soldering, stone-setting, engraving and more. He takes inspiration from many other artists within his family and beyond, and hopes to honor them through his work, while serving a diverse base of customers and fans. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, with his wife and two children.