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Donna Yarish

Donna Yarish


Artist Work

Everflowing Energy
13 x 17
First Quarter
24 x 24
21 x 21
The Carnival
12 x 16
Western Sunset
15 x 19
Walking in the Rain
26 x 26

Artist Information

Carroll County
410 848 0444
Artistic Category

Other, Traditional Arts

Artist Statement

Painting and sculpturing, especially in abstract, allows me to express the deepest most inner feelings without ever speaking one word. Oh, it’s a great way to connect with others whether you are an introvert or extrovert. There are no rules, boundaries and endless possibilities with canvas or paper. The variety of many colors, shapes, dimensions and textures allows the options to go in many directions. Using acrylic, clay, collage and mixed media is extremely fascinating and the finished piece is so stimulating that the feeling is beyond words. Please come and join me on this journey to Donna’s world of color.

Artist Bio

 After working in the corporate world for many years Donna took an early retirement. In January 2007, she took her first art class at Carroll Community College. She continued with private watercolor classes with Felisa Flecker, workshops and classes with Tara Grim, Carolyn Seabolt, Sarah Abel DeLuca, Skip Lawrence and Mary Todd Beam. Presently Donna enjoys abstract painting, using acrylics, collage and mixed media with Ed Ramsburg, who continually encourages her to grow as an artist. She has exhibited at Carroll County Community College – The Great Hall, Carroll Life Gallery, Circuit Court Building, Carroll County Arts Council, Frederick Arts Council (FAC), Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center (DVAEC), The Artists Gallery, FMH Crestwood Gallery, Frederick County Art Association and the Annapolis Statehouse Building. Presently, original pieces and giclees are in private collections and exhibited at various locations. When Donna was in the second grade art class, she remembered feeling the excitement when painting her first abstract. Now she is focusing on acrylic, collage and mixed media abstracts - the larger the canvas, the better. She enjoys expressing creativity through painting and going to new levels using the imagination with whatever materials are available. The whole process from beginning to end is exhilarating! She loves sharing her world of color with others. Juried Shows Salon Frederique at The Artists’ Gallery, Frederick, MD, 2010 5th Annual Frederick in Annapolis Show, State Capitol Building, Annapolis, MD, 2011 6th Annual Frederick in Annapolis Show, State Capitol Building, Annapolis, MD, 2012 Art at the Mill (Burwell-Morgan Mill), Millwood, VA 2011 Frederick Memorial Hospital – Crestwood Center Gallery, Frederick, MD, 2011 - 2015 Towson Art Collective Gallery, Towson, MD 2012 Art Square, 11th Annual Something Hot Regional Show, Leesburg, VA 2012 Mt Airy Artists Guild Gallery, Mt Airy, MD 2015 Gallery Unicorn Gallery, Towson, MD 2015 Group Shows Carroll County Artists’ Guild Members’ Exhibit, Carroll Community College Great Hall, Westminster, MD, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 DVAEC Members’ Show, Frederick, MD, 2010 - 2015 Frederick County Art Association Members’ Exhibit, Frederick, MD, 2010, 2011, 2012,2013, 2014 Frederick County Art Association @ The Griffin Center, Frederick, MD 2012 International Miniature Art Show, Seaside Gallery, Nags Head, NC, 2010 Grace Lutheran Church Holiday Members’ Exhibit, Westminster, MD 2010 Grace Lutheran Church Gallery 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Artomatic @ Frederick, MD 2011, 2013 Carroll County Artists Guild Exhibits @ Circuit Courthouse, Westminster, MD 2011 - 2015 Carroll County Artists Guild Exhibits @ Carroll Life Gallery, Westminster, MD 2011 - 2015 Carroll County Artists Guild Exhibits @ Carroll Senior Center, Westminster, MD 2011 - 2014 Annual Carroll County Arts Council Member Show, Westminster, MD 2011 - 2014 Hampstead Art House, Sassafras Gallery – “Hues of Spring”, Hampstead, MD 2012 Carroll County Non Profit Center Exhibit, Westminster, MD 2013 The Artists’ Gallery, Guest Exhibit, Frederick, MD 2010, 2015 The Artists’ Gallery, “Twelfth Annual Box Show”, Frederick, MD 2013 Small Group and Solo Shows Abstract X 4, a four-person show at the Blanche Ames Gallery, Frederick, MD, 2011 Birdies Café Exhibit – Solo Show, Westminster, MD 2012 Six Pack Abs: Flexing Abstraction, a six-person show at the Carroll County Arts Council, Westminster, MD, 2012 Two-person show at Carroll County Community College, Miller Center, Westminster, MD 2012 Atwater’s Restaurant – Solo Show, Hunt Valley, MD 2013 Blue Bistro, Westminster, MD – Solo Exhibit 2013 Atwater's Cafe - Solo Show, Catonsville, MD, 2013 The Fine Arts Co Exhibit, Hagerstown, MD - Solo 2015 Maggie's Restaurant, Westminster, MD, 2015 CCAG, Airport Primary Care Exhibit, Westminster, MD 2015 CCAG, ART AGSTRAVAGANZA Exhibit, Cockeysville, MD 2015 Awards 9th Annual Carroll County Arts Council Member Show: Artistic Excellence Ribbon, Westminster, MD 2011 Carroll County Artists Guild Exhibit: 3rd Place Ribbon, Westminister, MD 2015 Donations Grace Lutheran Church, Westminster, MD 2011 Other Curator for Grace Lutheran Church Gallery, Westminster, MD 2011, 2012, 2013 The Fine Arts Co store, Hagerstown, MD, 2015