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Artist Work

Folding Panel No. 4, 2011
wood and stainless steel
25.25"H X 10.25"W X 17.25" D
Green Freedom of a Cockatoo, Lyric Painting / Sunday Morning Series
watercolor on paper
50"H X 42"w
Who If I Cried Would Hear Me Among the Angelic Voices, Lyric Paintings
watercolor on paper
50" X 42"
Folding Panel No. 3, 2010
2009 & 2010
wood, brass and stainless steel
25.6"H x 12"w X 13.5"d
When I Was a Child, Lyric Painting
watercolor on paper
50" X 42"
Folding Panel No. 5. 2011
wood, brass and stainless steel
17"H x 12.4"w X 9.25"d

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)
Prior to 2012

Artist Statement

Form emerges from color in my paintings. I apply layer upon layer of translucent watercolor paint until I see something still and expectant within the painting's space. The colors lead into each other, submerged but not effaced by each successive layer, so that the divergent colors between coats of paint register on high-resolution digital images, and make viewers wonder what exactly they are seeing. Colors naturally hold meaning for me, and I have painted in response to images from poems I find mysterious, feelings aroused by music, that familiar experience Wallace Stevens calls “passions in rain, or moods in falling snow,” and even meditations on thoughts. Lyric Paintings offer a meditative field for such explorations. At the same time, I do not think only in terms of color, but through color to content. As the layers of paint multiply, they move beyond the visual and symbolic, challenging the viewer by slipping along the color wheel and allowing the eye to dwell in an unspoken elusiveness that is one of the most captivating qualities of art and can give the occasion for a deeply intimate experience. Light is the principle behind my Folding Panel sculptures. My sculptures are made of wood and sheet metal whose flat surfaces stand at angles to each other. Light moves along the subtle scratches of polished metal and reflect within the theater of the piece. By training myself to see flat surfaces as energetic space, I have worked to realize and share the invisible distances that are often crowded out in our increasingly efficient, light-saturated, and networked lives. The flat surface in art has not, however, stopped being a mystery, and I hope to continue working my way towards it and bring viewers into its strange and irresistible reaches.

Artist Bio

2005 "Inbetweenness" Black Rock Center for the Arts, Germantown, MD 2004 "Non-Sensory Perception of Form" Dumbarton Concert Gallery, Washington, DC
2002 "In Pursuit of Form" Xavier University Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
1998 "Watercolors" Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Washington, DC
1997 "Abstracted Space" Arts Club of Washington, Washington, D.C.
2009 "Idylls" Washington Project for the Arts, World Bank, Washington, DC curated by Andrea Pollan
2009 "Wild Women of Watercolor" Marlboro Gallery, Prince George’s Community College, Largo, MD
2008 22nd Annual Critics’ Residency at Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD curated by Robert Berlind
2008 40 years of Alumni Artists, Fine Arts Center, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY
2008 "Creating New Collectors" F.U.E.L. Collection, Philadelphia, PA
2007 “Pre-Primed 2007” Washington Project for the Arts \Corcoran, Washington, DC
2007 Vol. 1; New York Design Fair, Seventh Regiment Armory, New York, NY
2006 “Chromatic Conversations" Soho Myriad, Atlanta, GA 2006 “Sculpture Unbound,” Edison Place, Washington, DC, WPA\Corcoran & Washington Sculptors Group, juried by Glenn Harper, editor of "Sculpture" Magazine
2005 Thick and Thin, Gumenick Family Gallery, Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, Richmond, VA curated by N. Elizabeth Schlatter and Gwen Van Ostern
2012 Finalist for the Trawick contemporary Art Awards, Bethesda MD
2011 Semi-Finalist for the sondheim Prize, Baltimore MD
2009 Individual Artist Award in Visual Arts: Sculpture from the Maryland State Arts Council, Baltimore, MD
2005 Semi-Finalist for the Trawick Prize: Bethesda Contemporary Art Awards, Bethesda,MD
2003, 2001 Painting Award, Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Annual, Philadelphia, PA
2002,2001,2000,1999,1997 Paintings Under Glass Award, Bruce Museum Art Festival, Greenwich, CT
2001 Ulric Bell Memorial Award, New York,NY
1999 Judges Choice Award,Maryland Federation of Art Gallery on the Circle, Annapolis, MD
1997 Best in Show Award, Arts Atlantica Exposition, Ocean City, MD
1999-2009 Artistic Director/Scene Painter for ten theatrical productions, Herbert Hoover Middle School, Potomac, MD
1998 Lecture to art teachers on watercolor painting. Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, VA
1990-1991 Welding Instructor's Associate, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL 1985-1988
Membership Coordinator, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH PRESENT AFFILIATION 2012
Youngblood, Sag Harbor, NY
Soho Myriad, Atlanta, GA
Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia PA, Philadelphia,PA
Washington Project for the Arts,Washington,DC
Washington Sculptor’s Group, Washington, DC
International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC
Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH
Americans for the Arts, Washington, DC
St. Mary's College, St. Mary's, MD
Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Washington,DC
New York Grand Hyatt, New York, NY
Baltimore City Paper,Baltimore,MD May 28,2008
Art Papers, Reviews, pg 46 July/August 2005
Style Weekly, Richmond, VA April 27, 2005
City Beat, Cincinnati, OH October 11, 2002
The Villager, New York, NY May 23, 2001
Driven by an exploration of the dynamics of form I work to capture the relationship of the physicality of objects in space. I play with contrast, scale and geometry. Using wooden boxes and other odd pieces of metal I create free standing and relief 'folding' sculptures. My paintings are compositions where form emerges from layers of color. "As I paint, using a wide brush and generous amounts of water, I look into the painting as though looking through a sheet of glass, striving through the layering of translucent paint to build fields of color in space until they feel like home." Diane was born in Detroit, Michigan. After receiving a BA in Economics from the Univeristy of Michigan, she studied for five years with sculptor Michael Skop in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. She is certified as a welder by the Northern Kentucky Vocational Techinical School in Covington KY and received an MA in Art Education from the University of Cincinnati.