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Deborah Walmer

Deborah Walmer

Artist Work

Contemporary Depression
Oil on Gallery wrapped canvas
Joy of La Flamenca
Oil on Gallery wrapped canvas

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I use oil paint and brushes on gallery wrapped canvas to layer colors and textures. My style is close to abstract cubism, but with a mix of realism. I create portraits of dancers and landscapes. I use jeweled toned colors that pop. The abstract background is reminiscent of unfolded creased paper. Through my work as a costume assistant and as a dancer, I am inspired by dancers’ technique and emotion. I want the viewer to see the movement in the paint and feel the emotion as if watching a dancer.

Artist Bio

Deborah Walmer, painter

DC area artist, Deborah Walmer, manipulates and layers bold colors of oil paints in her own mix of cubism and realism styles. Her paintings have been described as paper unfolded or stained glass. You can see the influence of Picasso, Braque, Dali, and Kahlo in her portraits. Deborah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts and Graphic Design from George Washington University (Mount Vernon College) in Washington, DC.  She sold three commissions within the last year and published several Class Schedule covers for the Registrar Office at Mount Vernon College.  She currently resides in Germantown, MD with her two teenage children.


Exhibit experience 

 25th Anniversary of the Consortium Exhibit, The University of the District of Columbia, May 1991 


The American Literary Guide Magazine, May 1991 


Design Expo 1991, The Watkins Gallery, The American University, April 1991 


Love: A photography exhibit of student works. The Gatehouse Gallery, Mount Vernon College, December 1990