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Dawn Tree

Dawn Tree


Artist Work

Flaming Horus
latex acrylic, aerosol on wood photo taken and print made
latex acrylic on wood
Tar Blood
mixed media, llatex acrylic, aerosol on wood

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Bio

Born in St. Louis, MO
Raised partially in Clinton, NC & Tulsa, OK
Graduated from the University of Oklahoma, BA Journalism 2009
From there I relocated to the gentrified yet culturally rich area of Washington, DC.

Year 2014 I spent half the year in Ghana. Conducting business and traveling regions of the great motherland, trekking on foot via tro tro (van) and bicycle. That experience certainly changed my being to the core.

This past year I've spent some intimate time in Baltimore, MD- Allowing my being to feel the beginnings of Freddie Gray riots, witnessing extremely disproportionate economic environments all the while witnessing pieces of community. 

I draw inspiration from everything: Nature, everyday interactions, emotions, things perceived to be unseen. Pulling all these influences together, I allow the vision of a piece to direct me on a journey of visual exploration. A majority of my works are on wood, combining various mediums of paint & materials from aerosol, latex acrylic, water based acrylic, oil to vinyl records to create. 

My pieces often provoke thought of community, humanity, spirituality and connections of present and past. They often use bright colors that contrast with each other; allowing you to interpret and see many perspectives within one. Someone once said to me, you really have to think about your work. Simple, but for me, that's genuinely the point. Thought. 

I love people and sometimes get caught up in the day based on my curiosity for the human spirit; your understandings compared to mine. Sitting in the forest, riding my bike, being close to anything my creator created sparks my creativity.