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David Hildebrand

David Hildebrand

Artist Work

Audio CD: "George Washington: Music for the First President"
sound recording -- violin, harpsichord & voice
2 minutes
"The Battle of Baltimore" -- follows commentary
sound recording -- spokenn word, then harpsichord & voice
4 minutes plus
See, See My Boys
sound recording -- four male voices

Artist Information

Anne Arundel County
Artistic Category

Music, Performing Arts

Artist Statement

Our recordings and music books focus on early American music and history, with a special emphasis on Maryland, Francis Scott Key, and important visitors to Maryland like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

Artist Bio

Dr. David Hildebrand is a specialist in early American music.  He performs and lectures at museums, historical societies, and universities, solo and more frequently with wife/music partner of 35 years Ginger Hildebrand.  David holds a B.S. from  Dickinson College, and his M.A. and Ph.D. (both in Musicology) are from George Washington University and The Catholic University of America.  He teaches American music history at the Peabody Conservatory and is an author for the Johns Hopkins University Press.  David consulted on the PBS series Liberty! -- the American Revolution and he has appeared on C-Span Television, the BBC radio, NPR, "History Detectives" and his brother's documentary film Anthem, which is the story behind "The Star-Spangled Banner."  Among seven recordings he's produced, together with wife Ginger Hildebrand, is "Over the Hills and Far Away - Being a Collection of Music from  18th-Century Annapolis" and, most recently, "Music of the War of 1812."