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Artist Work

Worlds I
Mix Medium on Canvas
63” x 82 ½”
Mix media on canvas
85 X 62 inches
Up There
Oil on Canvas
47.5” X 65”
Down Fall
Oil on Canvas
47.5” X 76”
Mix Medium on Canvas
63” x 82”
The Pits
48” X 66”
Mixed Media on Canvas

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Artist Statement At a glance my work seems to be about my perception in society and how I overcome it. I include images of my wheelchair and other objects that help me through life because they are a major part of my daily life. I morph these images with images of my body to create my own vocabulary. However, these pieces are about much more than my disability. Obstacles and challenges are a universal part of the human condition. We all face them in everyday life, although, we have a choice as to how we deal with them. Many of us are likely to get discouraged during difficult times in our lives. In my work I hope to show everybody that they have the ability to persevere.

Artist Bio

Overview of Accomplishments •Academy Award Documentary, KING GIMP, writer, on-screen subject •HBO airing of KING GIMP 2000 •Solo Art Shows Phyllis Kind Gallery in New York 2000-present •Featured Artist – Cingular Super Bowl Commercial 2001 •Discovery Channel KING GIMP AND KING’S MIRACLE 2004 •Featured Artist Chile – Disabilities and the Arts 2006 •MFA – Towson University 2007 Solo Exhibitions (OVERVIEW) 2007 Towson University, MFA Gallery, Towson, Maryland. 2004 Fleckenstein Gallery, Towson, Maryland. 2000-2004 Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York. Group Exhibitions Body & Soul: Osilas Gallery, Bronxville, NY. An Artscape Exhibition, Towson University. The DCCA MFA Biennial show, Wilmington, Delaware. 2006 “New Visions,” Towson Commons Gallery, Towson, MD. 2005 Towson Commons Gallery, Towson, MD. 2004 “Full Circle,” Matheny School and Hospital,NJ 2003 “Accessible Arts” Hallar Gallery, Kansas City, MO. 2003 “UCP of Delaware 50th Anniversary Celebration,” Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE. 2003 “Senior Exhibit,” University Union Gallery 2002 “eMotion Pictures: An Exhibition of Orthopedics in Art,” United Nations Building, N.Y. 2002 “UCP Annual Art exhibition,” Baltimore, MD. 2001 – 2002 “eMotion Pictures: An Exhibition of Orthopedics in Art,” Millennium Arts Center. Washington, DC. Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois. 2001 “eMotion Pictures: An Exhibition of Orthopedics in Art,” Herbst International Exhibition Hall, San Francisco,CA. Awarded: Best of Show. 2001 “UCP Annual Art Show,” Towson, Maryland. Public Commissions Roger Roth, Baltimore. Workforce and Technology Center of Maryland, Baltimore. Cingular Wireless, Atlanta. Private Collections Audrey B Heckler, New York. Stephanie Smither, Houston TX. Carey Fields, NY. Russell Young, NY. Nancy Walzog, NY. Laura Richard Parsons, NY. Renee Zoldessy, NY. Sheila Nevins, NY. John Tate, Chicago. Joanne Fruchtman, Baltimore. Jean Miller, Baltimore.