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Courtney Applequist

Courtney Applequist


Artist Work

Blue No.3
Oil on Canvas
the Station
Oil on Linen
Oil on board
the Room
oil on canvas
Woman in Blue
Pastel on Paper
Oil on Board

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I have to make things, if only to discover what they become. My work largely draws inspiration from the seen world, and I consistently return to the interplay of the person with man-made space and objects. In my painting, I seek the use of found geometries & colors to depict the feeling of a moment of the human experience. And yet, the seen world is only a fraction of that experience. Sound, smell, touch, but also systems: social, societal, cultural, changing with time yet perhaps only appearing so. Most moments have some degree of tension: beauty & dissonance, peace & struggle, growth & decay. Human created objects imply a change from what once was: open field is replaced by a house, a house is replaced by a high rise. I find that the thoughts I initially bring to a piece are nothing more than that: a beginning, and I am driven to a new place as the piece is changed, destroyed, renewed, and ultimately the moment comes into focus – while echoes of the process still peek through, influencing what is ultimately seen.

Artist Bio

Courtney Applequist has been creating art from an early age, growing up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. This imperative to create has guided and shaped her journey as an artist, and the influences of this journey can be seen in the recurring themes of her work. Courtney graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, focused on Interior Design, which brought her to Washington, DC in 2000 to work for an architectural firm.  Her work brought her all over the country and Courtney found that she preferred to develop the layout, form, color and texture of a space using pencil drawings, and used this as her primary medium to convey her vision to her clients, rather than using computer generated drawings. Through this work she developed an appreciation for the great masters of architecture & furniture design, the latter leading her to a second career in curating furniture, with specialized focus on the midcentury Danish Design movement. This further influenced both her attention to line, form & design as well as how people interact with and are influenced by the surrounding environment. 

Becoming the mother of two children brought further life change, and with it the challenge to maintain a sense of self – and so the need to create and make art has brought her full circle to a renewed calling to drawing and painting. Courtney has studied at the Washington Studio School where she was introduced to and inspired by the work of the likes of Richard Diebenkorn, Elaine deKooning, Euan Eglow, & Eva Hesse as well as great contemporary artists from whom she has had the good fortune to learn directly.  

This third career as an artist was borne simply out of a need to create art for herself, and has progressed to public viewings encouraged by artists and colleagues familiar with her work, as well as private collections both domestic & abroad.  Her art echoes with the themes of her journey: the human form and interaction with man-made space, and the stories that the observer brings by interacting with the piece.