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Chuck Aaron

Chuck Aaron


Artist Work

Bluebird As Oil
Fall Driveway
Dogwood Flower
Eagle In Flight
Flame Boxelder Natural Edge Bowl
9" diameter 3" high
Pumphouse Plate
Wood and Photograph
6" diameter

Artist Information

Howard County
Artistic Category

Media Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

See my Bio below...

Artist Bio

Chuck Aaron

I am a photographer, woodturner, painter and writer from Columbia, MD. I create and sell matted and framed photographs, photo note cards, hand-crafted pens, bowls and other wood objects.  Some of my wood items are hand-painted, faux-painted, or incorporate photographs. 

My art allows me to create physical objects that express the beauty I perceive around me.  

My photographs capture visual moments—a bird in flight, fall colors, a child’s joyful exuberance, a rusted street lamp. 

My woodturning engenders objects that show the beauty of color and wood grain in a way that is both visual and tactile.   

My writing externalizes my inner perceptions through creative expression. 

All of my art combines the disciplines of the form (technique) with intuitive creativity in a way that allows the thought form to create the reality.

My matted, framed, and note card photographs are often printed on canvas, watercolor, linen, and other textured and interesting papers.  I sometimes modify my photos with creative effects to emulate paintings, drawings, or saturated, high dynamic range images.  For photographs that I incorporate into wood plates and bowls I often vignette and tone them to look aged.

Many of my wood items include hand-painted decorations.  I decorate some bowls with flowers, fruit or foliage and I also make hand-painted pens.  Although I do some of the painting myself many are are collaborative works.

I live and work in Columbia, MD and have shown and sold my work at the Artists’ Gallery, The HorseSpirit Arts Gallery and many local shows.   I have a BA in Liberal Arts from U of MD but no formal art education per se although I have taken courses in woodturning, acrylic and oil painting, Amish grain painting, and others.  I took photography in school and also apprenticed with a portrait studio.  My professional background includes sales, management consulting, information technology and photography.