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Chloe Irla

Chloe Irla


Artist Work

Wool Landscapes: River from the Backyard
Digital print on vinyl
20 x 24 inches
Magnum F150 LEER Vest Quilt
Sewn canvas with canvas pockets and grommets
7 x 6 ft
The Hunted’s Trophy Quilts
The Hunted’s Salon des Refuses
Construction of Tides, Suggestions of Forests and Celestial Bodies
Preservation of Con icts Amongst the Hunter and the Hunted

Preservation of Conflicts Amongst the Hunter and the Hunted

Construction of Tides, Suggestions of Forests and Celestial Bodies

The Hunted’s Trophy Quilts

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am the daughter of a corporate account who instilled in me a logic-driven outlook on life and an affinity for data and numbers. I am thankful for my creativity so that I did not have to become a corporate accountant. My body of work can be described using the following themes and elements: Memory, Data, Color, Logic, Humor, and Time. The subject matter of my work is primarily based on content from personal memories and collected data. I collect data about mundane tasks such as how many times my daughter eats during the day, or phenomenological events such as what time the sky completely darkens throughout the winter months. I store this data in notebooks, blogs, or spreadsheets until I am ready to access the collection and materialize it into an artwork. I seek to preserve my memories and experiences while using data to make conclusions for my own personal understanding. I use my sense of humor to cope with more negative recollections and to provide a thematic and/or material lightness to content. Many of my projects are timelines that invite the viewer to travel through a designated period of my life in an accelerated and edited way, as an artwork allows one to do. A sensibility for color comes naturally to me. I use certain colors as references to objects, people, and events, but I also explore color placement and interactions for formal reasons. Logic is extremely important to me as my time is valuable and I need to work as efficiently and productively as possible. How a work is made; what materials are used and why; how much time I can devote to a project; these are things I think about on the advent of every new creative venture.

Artist Bio

Chloe Watson Irla was born in 1984 and grew up outside of Richmond, VA. She attended McDaniel College before receiving an MFA from the Mount Royal School of Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. In addition to being an artist she is also an educator and manager, having taught studio courses throughout the Baltimore, MD area and in rural Maine. Chloe currently lives in Baltimore with her husband, fellow artist Jason Irla, and their daughter, Felix.