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Cedric Williams

Cedric Williams


Artist Work

Quarry, Moel Fferna 2
Mixed Media
35" x 45"
Moel Fferna,10
Mixed Media
26" x 23"
Moel Fferna,9
Mixed Media
27" x 32"
WWII, remains
Mixed Media
44" x 31"
Quarry, Moel Fferna,11
Mixed Media
35" x 29"
Cement Factory
Mixed Media
28" x 23"

Artist Information

Montgomery County
240 447 1690
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Art Works: Cedric Williams My interest is in observing the ways in which buildings, surfaces and structures change once they become abandoned and cease to have a socio-economic function. During this period of neglect the process of decay begins to take place. The accumulation of organic matter provides a basis for the growth of plants and trees, roots begin to undermine the structures, metals begins to rust/oxidize and slowly the original form of the structures is transformed. If left the structures eventually crumble. For most of my life I have used photographs and paintings to periodically catalogue the decay of the different sites that have interested me. However, over the last few years I have begun to explore the possibilities of utilizing the photographic images, not just as framed works that can be hung on the wall, but placed in “settings” that are compatible with the images. This has involved my introducing a variety of different methods and materials in my work that are created in the studio. Working on wood panels or heavy weight card as my base I use plaster, sand and gravel, dried roots, and simulated ‘distressed’ materials to gain texture and depth, as well as dried organic materials and found objects; sometimes from the actual sites. In this way I begin to build an ‘environment’ that supports the photographic images used. I frequently use certain photographs or combination of photographs repeatedly, in order to explore different ‘environments’ or ‘settings’ for them. I do not attempt to form a narrative link between the photographic images and the associated materials. The materials used are to be regarded as an extension of the images, their reference indicating the more diverse processes of aging and decay. At present my work deals with three major areas of interest; an abandoned slate quarry that I frequented in my youth in North Wales, UK; a now demolished cement factory in Kensington, MD and the World War II remains that are to be found on the coast of Delaware.

Artist Bio

Resume: Cedric Williams

Born:  1947, Llangollen, Denbighshire, N.Wales, UK.

1973-4  Arts Diploma, Wrexham College of Art, N. Wales, UK.

1974-7  BA Degree (Fine Art and Art History), Gloucestershire College of Art and Design.



1972  Plas Newydd Gallery, N.Wales,UK

1973  North Wales Arts Council (touring exhibition, 3 months).

1973 Plas Newydd Gallery.

1974  Plas Newydd Gallery.

1979  Islington Central Library Gallery, London,UK.

1979  Haringey Arts Council, London.

1980  Haringey Arts Council, London (2nd prize)

1981  Haringey Arts Council, London (joint 2nd prize)

1982  Burgh House Gallery, London.

1984 Work purchased by Camden Council, London.

1984 Barclays Bank, London.

1985  Camden Arts Center, London

1994 Moved to U.S.A.

2008  "The Stimulus Package" The Studio Gallery, Washington DC

2008  "Inspired by Weather" VisArts, Rockville, MD

2008  "Duo Show" The Studio Gallery, Washington DC

2008  Patuxent Art League, MD

2009  Laurel Art Guild, MD

2009  Artomatic, Washigton DC

2009  "Camouflage" VisArts, Rockvill,MD

2010  "All Hung" Montpelier Arts Center, MD

2010  "Nostalgia and Dereliction: Solo show, The Fisher Arts Gallery, VA

2010  "Greenspiration" The Workhouse Arts Center, VA

2012  Solo Show, Montpelier Gallery, MD (honorarium recipient)

2013  Patuxent Art League, MD, merit award.

2017  "Dereliction" Solo show,Black Rock Center for the Arts, MD