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Artist Work

stuffed animal pelts, cotton, thread.
The Day Will Come
Acrylic on canvas
Collaboration with a Rabbit.
Acrylic on rug chewed by rabbit.
Self Portrait
stuffed animal pelts hand sewn together.
Overwhelming Force
mixed media
Jerry (from the installation “Naptime!”)
Acrylic on stretched wallpaper.

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am a painter, a sculptor, a companion to many furry animals, a news junkie, and an activist. I’m the type of person who when they become interested in a subject will read every book available and seek out every scrap of information. This mindextends to all I do, including artwork. My artwork is obsessive in both subject matter and in process because it is an extension of an obsessive mind. Every piece of artwork is in many ways a self portrait and reflects my obsessions and mental landscape. The images I create are the result of everything around me…images of war, cartoons, rabbits, and pop culture. My artwork is an extension of all of these things mixed up with my own memories and experiences. In this way my artwork is very honest. I offer you an honest look into my mental landscape- a landscape filled with images of rabbits that are reflection of both myself and the world around me in all of its silliness and ugliness.

Artist Bio

Cathleen Sachse was born in Washington D.C. and put up for adoption at birth. Three months later she was adopted and taken home. Home was Wheaton, Md. a suburb of D.C. She lived in a poor, crime ridden neighborhood in an abusive home. At the age of 16 in very quick progression she had her father arrested, saw her childhood home get foreclosed on and moved to Towson, a relatively rich suburb of Baltimore to live with her grandparents. A year after moving she dropped out of high school and got her GED, graduating with honors. She then spent much of her time hanging out on street corners and getting into trouble. After a few years she slowly decided to get her act together and started to work a string of jobs including being a traveling carnival worker, a waitress, and retail management. During all of this she was filling up sketchbooks with the creations from her head, and sketches of her companions. Cathleen always knew she’d go back to school and excelled once she did. She first went to the local community college and received an AA in sculpture, graduating with honors. She then transferred to MICA where she obtained her bachelors degree in painting. Cathleen currently lives with her husband, who is also an artist, two cats and two rabbits.