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Caroyln Case

Caroyln Case


Artist Work

Lush Life
oil on panel
28 x 30 x 0 Inches
oil on panel
12 x 12 x 0 Inches
Homemade Tattoo
oil on panel
42 x 50 x 0 Inches
California Highschool
oil on panel
32 x 40 x 0 Inches
Meditation Mind
oil on panel
18 x 20 x 0 Inches
Bookshelf Safety
oil on panel
18 x 20 x 0 Inches

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

While painting this series, I was thinking a lot about homemade tattoos. These tattoos are borne out of necessity, by someone who is desperate to express themselves, and I think a lot about the scratchy tender aesthetics of this. Even the name, 'homemade tattoo,' is such an unlikely word combination: it struck a chord for some reason I can't quite articulate. The process of tattooing itself consists of tiny dots making the image. Prior to this work, the tiny dots in my paintings were derived from images of embroidery and textiles. The dots reflect my life as a mother and an artist. My voice is influenced by my childhood home, how the table was set and what plants were grown.Taking from the past that was emblazoned on me and reworking it, mirrors my process. I sand down to repair or re-paint my paintings often working on them for over two years, seesawing between past and present as I work.

Artist Bio

Originally from California, Carolyn Case earned her MFA from MICA's Mount Royal School
of Art in Baltimore, MD, and her BFA from California State University in Long Beach, CA. Her
solo exhibitions include Asya Geisberg Gallery in New York, Western Michigan University,
Loyola University, McLean Projects for the Arts, and the Art Registry in Washington D.C., and
upcoming solo exhibitions at Lux Art Institute. She has participated in two-person and group
exhibitions at the Delaware Museum of Art, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, The Parlour
Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, Joyce Goldstein Gallery, Chatham, NY, Reynolds Gallery, Richmond,
VA, and John Fonda Gallery, Baltimore, MD. Residencies include the Virginia Center for the
Creative Arts, the School 33 Art Center in Baltimore, the Vermont Studio Center, and the
Kanoria Centre for the Arts in Ahmedabad, India. Reviews include ArtNews, the Baltimore Sun,
New American Paintings, Metro Weekly, and Two Coats of Paint. She has received the Bethesda
Painting Award and is a 2018 and 2017 Janet and Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize Semi-finalist.
Carrie Fucile is an artist who integrates sound, sculpture, installation, and performance. Her
body work explores geographical territory through the lenses of politics, economics, history, and
family; often at the same time. Technology that responds to or produces vibration is a central
element of her construction.