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Bruce Woodward

Bruce Woodward


Artist Work

Winter Hunt
10 x 33
Shadows and Reflections
22 x 26
Clear Spring Evening
10.5 x 24
12 x 24
Morning Sun at Lost land
9 x 12
Big Spring Creek
8 x 10

Artist Information

Carroll County
410 795 6875
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

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    Bruce Woodward paints the mid-Atlantic,from the Chesapeake Bay and Eastern Shore to the Appalachians of western Maryland.His work portrays the legacies of vanishing landscapes and ways of life, preserving the stories of disappearing farmlands and their structures as well as those of dwindling numbers of waterman,their workboats and lifestyles.His watercolors and acrylic paintings record with authenticity and atmosphere these transient images. His personal relationshape with the natural world has led to work which embraces man's intimacy with nature in a different way, through the sport of fly-fishing,celabrating our human connection with the natural world through sporting recreation.

   Bruce has particular skill in bringing his sensitive perceptions of landscape and waterscape to expressive reflection on the spirit of a place, capturing the light and atmosphere of a fleeting moment of time. Color, light,and texture take on luminous impact in his work. 

Bruce is a signiture member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society and has exhibited in numerous solo shows and exhibitions at galleries and other venues,including solo shows at the Nation Institutes of Health, National Wildlife Federation Headquarters Gallery, and the Delaplaine Visual Art Center.He has participated in the prestigious Easton Waterfowl Festival for over thirty years.

Bruce paints at his studio on the edge of  Piney Run Lake in central Maryland which affords him much opportunity to interpret the beauty and unique appeal of the regions diversity and to chronicle through painting those sights that give us pause and bring us to peaceful reflection,that take us to a moment in time.