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Bruce Booher

Bruce Booher


Artist Work

Happy Halloween
Instant Film
Approximately 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches

Artist Information

Frederick County
Artistic Category

Film, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Welcome! I am an instant photography artist living with my wife and daughter in Frederick, MD. I have been practicing photography since my teens, but did not start taking my art seriously until my late 40s with my first solo show, The Great Frederick Fair. Instant photography has always held my interest for its immediate results, honesty, the relatively easy to use equipment, and the rich colors produced by today’s film. I am drawn to both the nostalgia of using old camera equipment as well as the unpredictable results they produce. I primarily work with projects in mind, and my greatest muse is our daughter Olive. My latest project is Olive in the Wild. It is a whimsical approach towards documenting the growth of our daughter.

Artist Bio

I'm just an ordinary guy who loves using and taking pictures with extraordinary cameras such as the Polaroid Land Camera. While I am far from being a professional photographer, I find great pleasure in taking pictures of my family, friends, and just about everything in between. My photography years started in high school, followed me through the Navy where I was a Photographer's Mate, and then . . . I lost interest. About eight years ago I purchased a medium format camera and started taking photographs again. However, the digital revolution had taken off and was in full swing. Film, along with the chemistry, printing, and a place to print my photographs was hard to come by. Over the years I made due, but it wasn't until my son and I picked up a used Polaroid 210 and got it working that I rediscovered instant photography. He still has that camera and I have two of my own, a Polaroid 250 and a 100. I keep color film in the 250 and black and white film in the 100. Even though Fuji plans to stop manufacturing their black and white film, I'm holding out hope that they will reconsider. In the mean time, I'll continue shooting!