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Bronwyn Haymes

Bronwyn Haymes

Artist Work

Oil Paint and Thread on Canvas
Golden Boy
Oil, Acrylic, and Thread on Canvas
I Want To Feel Again
Graphite and Thread on Paper
Mixed Media
Acrylic, Thread, and Ink on Canvas
Mornings After
Tree Branch and Embroidered Fabric

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

An Artistic Statement on Process... The work created throughout my life has always taken the side of surrealism, a dreamlike version of my surroundings and myself. But over the years a new idea has taken place that has caused my pieces to become largely environmental. My environment is the walk to my apartment, the color of my bedroom walls, the traffic lights blinking through my windshield. My environment is children screaming at work, a cat brushing up against my leg, the sound of construction outside my window. But my environment has dove inwards, it’s become the allusions of being followed home, the dreams of my family dying, the taste in my mouth I get when I think of them. Our environments are not always physical, because this interior world trapped inside of our minds designates our reactions. I thought I would be happy if I moved, but my mind moves alongside me. I believed I was trapped in an internal battle with reasoning and distress, and then, I hit the lowest of lows. I truly craved death. I don’t think I’m better, and I still crave the past. I find comfort in believing in nothing, because when you aren’t searching for contentment you can settle on consistency. But I have to open my eyes and find my surroundings, I have to look at the trees on the walk to my apartment, I have to paint the colors of my bedroom walls, I have to watch the blinking lights, listen to the children, and pet the cat. I have to look into my environment and tell it to catch up, because I’m already out here, and it feels unimaginable to see again, breathe again, be me again, I think I want to live again.

Artist Bio

Bronwyn is a young artist living in Baltimore and dabbling in fibers, painting, sculpture, and spoken word, searching for creations that heal and empower.