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Britnie Walston

Britnie Walston


Artist Work

Manokin, MD
oil on plywood
9x9 inches
Beach Sunset
oil on canvas
24x36 inches
Spring Day
oil on canvas
18x24 inches
Open Skies
oil on canvas
10x20 inches
Beautiful Treasure
Acrylic and ink on canvas
3x3 inches
Acrylic and ink on canvas
9x9 inches

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Although I focus on a variety of subject matters, I mainly paint abstract, landscapes and seascapes. My favorite and common medium is water soluble oil paint. My landscape paintings focus on serenity, calmness, and the absence of human presence. It gives the viewer the opportunity to feel the experience, as though they are really living in the painting. I aim to project the mood of the painting onto the viewer. I try to achieve this by painting with vibrant, stimulant colors which produce a positive sensation. For example, I incorporate a lot of warm colors such as yellow, pink, orange, and add cool colors to help balance and tame the vibrant colors. I try to depict a lot of movement as well through the sky and water. Through painting landscapes and seascapes, I've found that every body of water has it's own personality. My abstract work consists of thick blotches of bold colors, directional lines, and layering. I like the vividness of the colors layered on top of one another, often complimented with black areas of colors or lines. To me, it creates a sense of power and dominance. I have also always admired the modern style and simplicity of the work. It really speaks to you, and the thing I feel is also amazing is that it is open for interpretation to the viewer. When I paint in this style, I feel free and the work speaks for me. I focus on capturing a lot of chaos, and when it's not chaos, it's the same free spirit vibe I intend on communicating to the audience as when I paint these works of art.

Artist Bio

Hi! I'm Britnie. I paint, draw, and love doing all sorts of arts and crafts which also includes beaded jewelry (also for the ravers). It's pretty hard to narrow it all down, but let's just say art is my passion. I enjoy learning anything and everything I possibly can about art. In addition, I've also recently taken a strong liking to fluid painting, experimenting with a variety of DIY projects, and upcycling. 

I am from the Eastern Shore, where I spent a lot of time by the ocean. I really enjoy being in nature, and painting it as well; especially seascapes. When painting landscapes, it is my way of escaping and makes me feel as though I am reliving those memories. My subject matter has consisted of scenes which depict the absence of human presence, vibrant colors, and appreciating the natural beauty of the earth. I also enjoy painting seascapes, abstract, and surreal art. From a very young age, I always knew that I wanted to pursue art. Growing up, I always found myself drawing cartoons, making crafts, and coloring while most kids preferred to play outside.

As early as I can remember, my mother first introduced me to art. She showed me how to flip things, and often came home with coloring books, Crayola sketchbooks, glitter, glue, and many other sorts of craft materials. We even once bought a coffee table from the thrift store, and we both sanded it, and polished it. From the moment I started, I knew that's what I wanted to do in life. From then on, I concentrated heavily on visual and fine arts from middle school to college. Most people told me how difficult it was to make a living in the art industry, but the possibilities to me seemed endless. Sure, it hasn't been the easiest journey but it makes me happy to create and I someday want to open a gallery of my own.

Art makes me feel free and expressive; it's the one thing that has always made me feel free to be myself, to create or do without apology. What I enjoy the most about art, is how I can incorporate my own feelings and emotions into it. I mostly work with oil and acrylic paints, and I also do photography, drawings, and graphic design such as logos, invitations, and t-shirt designs. If interested, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks and I greatly hope you enjoy my work!