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Artist Work

Ice Rain
Laminated art glass
11 3/4" x 17 3/4" x 3/8"
The 4 Elements
Glass mosaic (2D)
48 7/8" x 20 7/8"
Life is Beautiful
Glass mosaic sculpture
35" diam x 42 1/2" H
Spark of Life
Glass mosaic sculpture
16" diam x 84 5/8" H
Hannah's Rainbow
Glass mosaic (2D)
39" x 39"
Glass mosaic (2D)
43" x 39"

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I create art inspired by spiritual moments that occur during one’s lifetime, such as the birth of a child or the death of a loved one. The relationships between people, the earth, and the hereafter have long intrigued me, and art is a way to explore my feelings about these relationships and to express them in non-verbal language. Unique about my work is my use of color. Working primarily with handmade glass from Venice and Murano, I artfully create a mood using various combinations of color and texture as well as light reflectance. Each piece delights the eye and asks for the viewer to interact by walking back and forth to catch the sparkles emanating. Lighting plays an integral role, and each work looks different during mornings, afternoons, and evenings as well as during each season of the year. In effect it is like having several artworks, such is the change affected by the light.

Artist Bio

At the tender age of 6, I was already interested in working with glass. Inspired by a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia where I saw glass blowing for the first time, I knew this was a material to be inspired by. At the age of 12 I discovered Italian glass mosaics in the form of pietra dura, and several trips around Europe during my teens introduced me to the beauty of stained glass windows. Having grown up as a 1st generation Norwegian-American in a household where textiles also played a prominent role, textiles also strongly influenced my future. I learned couture sewing techniques from my mom and started designing my own clothes at the age of 16. At that stage light reflection, color, and texture had already become a part of my design style. I graduated cum laude in 1991 from Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science (now Philadelphia University) with a BSc. in fashion design and a minor in textile design. After 11 years working in the fashion industry, I had gained a lot of experience on both the creative and business sides in New York as well as in Amsterdam. It was at this time that I left my upper management position to set up for myself. The result: Brit Hammer Glass Art & Architectural Installations based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.