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Brendan Hughes

Brendan Hughes


Artist Work

Tension and Compression
Just Touching
Corner Stack
Wood, clamps
Wood, clamps

Artist Information

Anne Arundel County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

What is the work in the artwork? The work is both manual and intellectual. It is hard and therefore gratifying. It is monotonous, yet compelling. It is continual. As an artwork evolves from its inception to its realization it undergoes several changes and multiple processes. I am interested in exploring the labors present in the development of an artwork. With my recent work I investigate this through the manipulation of material and the restructuring of form. I create modules from which I construct larger structures that have no static composition. Emphasis begins with the modules and the repetitiveness of their making. The modules then become a means to an end: a tool. Emphasis then oscillates between the module and the construction of the larger structure, combining the object with the process of its making. Through the stacking, clamping, rigging and other structural methods I investigate the properties of sculpture. Each form is an investigation into the limits of the material, the module, and/or the system of construction. I want to see how far I can go before gravity takes over and the structure fails. I want to create a sense of precariousness. Each permutation requires that I develop a system or systems to construct it. Leading again to more labor. The artwork’s form is continual and changing, consequently so is the labor.