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Beth Lawton

Beth Lawton


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Caroline County
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Ampersand is a small string band, so named because our core duo of Beth Lawton and Dick Hogle “adds in” other musicians both at home and when we travel.   We offer a family-friendly, interactive set of songs and instrumentals, from colonial times through Civil War music,1920s and 30s folk/blues, to modern folk tunes.  We play guitars, banjo, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, and often are joined by fiddlers, and a stand-up bass player – lots of songs and rich harmonies and we’re happy to have the audience ask questions, join in on singalongs, and just have a great time with this wonderful traditional music. Beth and Dick bring undergraduate backgrounds in History and American Culture studies to more than 20 years of musical exploration in vocals and folk instruments. Special programs on a particular time period or topic are often available. Favorite venues to play include National Parks and Historic Sites (Monocacy Battlefield, Saratoga Battlefield, Stratford Hall, Mary Ball Washington Museum), assisted living residences, and local historical societies.