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Barbara Morrison

Barbara Morrison


Artist Work

Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother Book Trailer
Terrarium: Poems by B. Morrison
Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother
Life in Me Like Grass on Fire: Love Poems

Innocent Confessions of a Welfare Mother Book Trailer

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Baltimore City
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Literary Arts

Artist Statement

Stories are how we share each other’s lives. Whether embodied in books, poetry or song, they bring us together and help us understand each other.

Artist Bio

Barbara Morrison, who writes under the name B. Morrison, is a poet and writer, an editor, publisher, and teacher. A few years after graduating from college, her marriage collapsed and she found herself forced to go on welfare. It is this experience of a world very different from the one in which she grew up that she describes in her memoir, Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother. She is also the author of two poetry collections. In Terrarium, she explores the influence of place: where you live, where you grew up, where you travel, where you go in dreams. Her previous collection, Here at Least, chronicles a journey undertaken in response to Rilke's directive: "You must change your life."  Barbara's award-winning work has been published in anthologies and magazines. She conducts writing workshops and speaks on women’s and poverty-related issues. She is also the owner of a small press and speaks about publishing and marketing. An experienced editor, Barbara provides editing services to writers in all genres. She has maintained her Monday Morning Books blog since 2006 and tweets regularly about poetry @bmorrison9. For more information, visit her website and blog at