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Atousa Raissyan

Atousa Raissyan


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Montgomery County
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Visual Arts

Artist Bio

Atousa Raissyan is an award-winning contemporary spiritual digital artist, and a certified Energy Healer.  The uniqueness of Atousa's digital art is that she uses ordinary photos, mostly of nature, that she digitally manipulate and layers to form colorful artworks that express the soul.  Her art represents her journey in overcoming life's challenges, aligning with her spirit, living in awareness, and transforming herself from a place of fear and powerlessness to power and strength, from living outwardly to living inwardly.  The inspiration for her art is primarily quotes and poetry woven together in a tapestry of love, healing, and inner peace.  The viewers always connect with her artwork since they resonate with their own journey.  She wants to be an example for people to realize life is so much more than what is going on around them and the life they are living and to recognize their true potential and nature.  To quote her favorite poet: "You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. This Universe is not outside of you, look inside yourself.  Everything that you want, you are already that." The inspiration for her artwork comes from Rumi, Hafez, Osho, Mooji, Kahlil Gibran, and even her own poetry. 

She has won several awards for her work including, Certificate of Excellence in the Art - Artavita Contest 2015, Certificate of Excellence in the 16th Online Artavita Contest 2015, Third Place in Graphics Art for Art Buzz, The 2014 Collection, juried Fine Art Search; the Award of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International for her “One Soul”.  In the past three years, Atousa has fifteen exhibitions, as well as numerous features in juried exhibitions, magazines and blogs, including "Art That Lifts Our Spirits" juried exhibition; the Capitol Arts Network (CAN) juried gallery exhibition, the 15th Annual Photography Juried Online International Art Exhibition.  In addition her work has been featured in Catapult Art Magazine, July 2013 issue 23 as well as numerous online magazines and blogs, including Professional Artist Magazine, Niji Magazine, We Poets Show it, and ArtRate.