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Artist Work

The Orchid
11 x 14
Jaded and Spaded
11 x 14
Blocked Out in Blue
11 x 14
Evening of the Dragon's Garden and Chrysanthemum
digital photography

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I’ve been in love with art for as long as I can remember. I have always been surrounded by it. I was always writing about something or drawing and still continue to do so. I am constantly looking for new inspirations. Significant parts of my life have had and will continue to have a relationship with art. This is a form of love. It is about taking something that I have been blessed with and sharing it with others, if they wish to see. This helps me express and relate things the way I see it. However, others are more than welcome to view my work as they choose. Art nor the artist should ever be placed into one box and labeled. This is too restrictive and can deter creativity. What may be considered ugly to one may be uniquely beautiful another. Nothing and no one should determine the limitations of art and who it’s creators should or shouldn’t be.

Artist Bio




Arts-n-thebld (pronounced art in the blood)


As acknowledged in my artist statement, various forms of art have been and continue to impact my creativity. I first began the journey towards the love of art unknowingly as a child. I’ve been enjoying the journey ever since. As an artist I am primarily self-taught.


I have studied the work of many artists from various disciplines. What I see, feel, hear and even that which touches me are where some of the inspiration for my work comes from. I am continuously experimenting with different ideas and mediums. This allows me to expand my expression in my work. My weapons of choice are mixed media. I am fortunate to have various creative disciplines in my family, thus the name “arts in the blood.”