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Artist Work

Dream 13
January 2008
Oil on canvas
September 2006
Oil on canvas
My lost blue unicorn
September 2007
Oil on canvas
Dreams and Nightmares Mural
March 2008
Oil on canvas
Teddys unsuccessful sucide
July 2005
Oil on canvas
November 2008
Oil on canvas

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

During my second year of grade school, while living under Chile's military dictatorship, I visited a factory with my class. However, when we got there, everything was very different from what I thought. The employees were working under inhumane conditions, under constant oppression from soldiers and with inadequate gear in an overwhelming jungle of noise. That day changed the way looked at my future. It was devastating to think that my dreams of becoming an artist could end up being just that: just a dream. While growing up, I found inspiration in real life heroes, people who were not afraid to express their ideas and revolutionize the system. I still grow exited from the thought of changing the world, particularly with my paintings. My work comes from a combination daily events, surrealist ideas, and abstraction. I love to challenge the absurdity of human race by painting satires of spiritual juxtapositions from modern life. By creating these paintings I want to reflect colorful nostalgia, irrationality, and chaos. As an artist I want my art to be spiritual becoming one soul attached through the link of my colors and strokes. I wish to see people staying joined to my art and creating pigments of inspiration within their imagination. My art is my life, an everyday challenge which I grow with. It is also subject to daily motivation, creativity and hope. I would like my art to become a social tool of communication which would serve society.

Artist Bio

Born in Santiago Chile, July 13 19.. Moved to the United States November 2000 May 2005: AA in Graphic Design and Illustration at Montgomery College in Maryland. December 2007: BA in Film/Video and media productions at the University of MD Baltimore County. Currently working for two mayor broadcasting companies as a content editor and graphic artist.