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Armah Dashiell

Armah Dashiell


Artist Work

Second Chance
Contemporary Gospel
Let's Talk About It
Let's Talk About It (Album Cover)
Child Support (Official Video)
Second Chance (Album Cover)
Contemporary Gospel
Best of Armah Ogund'e
October 12, 2013


Armah Ogund'e- Child Support (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Shot By: Perfect Visual Films

Artist Information

Dorchester County
Artistic Category

Music, Other, Performing Arts

Artist Statement

"Believe in yourself enough to become knowledgeable about your craft. This is the only way to operate."

Artist Bio

New Sound of Soul!

Ogund’e makes music that sends out all the right vibes – the sweet sounds of soul and R&B. The music of Armah Ogund’e offers seduction via song. Chilled hip-hop grooves, lush melodies, smooth vocals and alluring lyrical wooing coalesce in a musical package that lulls the listener into a mood of fire and passion. Ogund’e writes music with tangible atmosphere, sweet mood, originality and verve.

You’re Not Alone!

Ogund’e creates his music as a way to share emotion, not just as an outlet for his own feelings but as a way of bringing comfort and pleasure to others. “I strive to reach out to all my listeners and allow them to know that they don’t go through joy and pain alone,” he says, explaining that his music is a way of revealing the common experience we all share in the human condition. Armah Ogund’e comes from a background that mingled hardship and love and so he need look no farther than his own life for songwriting inspiration. Ogund’e is part of the latest generation of soul singers who turn hard life into the positive.

Born Armah Ogund’e Dashiell aka Armah Ogund’e grew up in a small town called Cambridge, Md. This city is known for the home of Harriet Tubman who the area of Dorchester, County knows as Araminta Ross. One of the well known slave’s that lead African Americans to freedom in the days of slavery. Armah grew up in the town where one had to learn independence at a very young age. While learning to fend for himself he made a lot of respectable friends who taught him a lot about life and its ups and downs. Armah was raised in a single parenting household of three in which consisted of his mother and older brother. He learned to observe his surroundings and become a leader at a young age. Learning how to be a leader helped him to become motivated and determined to finish anything he set his mind to. At the age of 13, Armah found his love and passion for the art of music.

Ogund’e found his calling by his fifteenth birthday after listening to rhythm and blues he began to reflect back on some of the music he heard back in his earlier years. He noticed how music had substance and a message when the artist talked about real life experiences in which displayed human emotion. Armah wrote his first song entitled “ Was it Love” not knowing anything about love at all. He just wrote what was on his mind when at that time wasn’t very much on the subject matter. But at least he attempted to try to make it work for him.

After many years had passed and many talent shows had been won, he then found a home within a four-part harmony group called “Special Attention”. Armah sang background as a part of this group and added a very unique sound. But some where down the line this group was broken due to management issues. Armah found himself being a solo artist once again. After being bounced around from group to group and Independent Label to Independent Label Armah became content as a solo artist. While searching for a home in the music department Armah finally met up with a mutual friend of one of his family members. He was introduced to Michael “North Starr” Butler (CEO) of “MG Records” of Salisbury, Maryland in 1997. Not long afterwards a friendship was built and as time passed Michael decided to start another sub Independent Label by the name of “New Struggle Muzik Group” in 2006. This Label consisted of a soulful music background in which Ogund’e fit perfect under this genre because of his style and concepts to his musical craft. Since then Armah has been doing many business ventures with Mr. Butler and has been creating a brand for the Label and a sure name for himself. 2010 Armah then reconnected with a old label mate Keith KJ Johnson CEO/Founder of FOTL Productions. Armah has been working on projects with Johnson every since.

Artist Career Discography:

· “In Da Streets Magazine” (Springfield, MA) (2007)
· “Lovers & Friends Vol. 2 Mixtape” DJ Frkky D (Elite Slip-N-Slide Records DJ) (2008)
· Certified American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers Member (2009) (Song Writer & Publisher)
· “Get 2 Know Me” (Album) 2009 (Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody & More)
· “It’s yours TV” (Comcast Channel 15/ Eastern Shore) Featured Talent (2010)
· “Entertainment Worldwide Network” (Online Radio Station) (2011)
· “Around the World in 2 Hours” (Online Radio Station) Canada (2011)
· “Kiss 101.7 FM” Featured Artist of the day MP3 @ 3 (2011)
· “Dubb Spot Records” Artist of the week (2011)
· “Eastern Shore African Festival” (Performance 2010/2011 & 2012)
· “Rock the Mic Showcase” (Headliner) Hosted by 92.3 FM 92Q (DC) (2011)
· “The Kut Magazine” Featured Artist (MS) (2011)
· The Kiya Amajioyi Show "Special Guest (Comcast PAC 14) 2012
· “The Soul Response Magazine” (March 2012)
· “African Pride Magazine” (Spring 2012)
· “OC 104FM Featured Local Artist of the day Jan 24th 2012”
· “Healing Process Diary of Emotionz” (Album Available Online) (2011)
· “Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 158 Hosted By Terrence J of BET’s 106&Park” (2011)
· Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 24 Starring Artist (Made Cover) “The Indie Top 50” (2011)
· “Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 47” (2011)
· Ciroc R&B Part 3 (DJ Ill Kid) (2011)
· Dame Grease Presents: “Unsigned Wave Vol. 1” (2011)
· Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 47
(Track #11) 2012
· Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 66
(Track #6) 2012
· Eastern Shore AFRAM (Seaford, DE) 2012
· NBC "The Voice" Auditions (NY Auditions) 2012
· SPEKTRUM TALK (Interview) 2012
· "Illuminati Project" North Starr Mixtape (Featured Artist) 2012
· NBC "The Voice" Audition (NY Auditions) 2013
· Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Vol. 259 (Track #33) 2013
· Coast 2 Coast Live Video Showcase (October 29th, 2013) 3rd Place Winner