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Ariston De Leon

Ariston De Leon

Artist Work

Stained Glass Auditorium
Abridged Life of Jesus Christ
Forgotten Knowledge
Red White and the Blues
Reflective Spiral
Domino at Night

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Howard County
Artistic Category

Film, Media Arts, Other, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

My Goal as a photographer is to capture emotion and a story in a single shot. To show color, and light where very few have ever gone. When I enter an abandoned building I think about the past purpose of the building, the people that worked, lived, visited, or died. It’s like opening a time capsule and finding clues of the past. I think about all the small mundane things that people took for granted. Hospital beds, old televisions, books, albums, old bibles are just a few of the many artifacts that I find when I go. As a photographer, I want to capture that story in an image. I want to capture the beauty in the ugliness. The way light bounces of things that are not considered important enough to be remembered. I want people in the outside to look inside and see what I see, to see the vibrancy of colors that are decaying, how Mother Nature is reclaiming what is hers’. It’s a journey into the history using no words. I invite you to join me on this journey and see the history and the importance of our past. Welcome to my page.

Artist Bio

My name is Ariston Santos De Leon and I am a Photographer who lives in Maryland with my wife Rhiannon, our two rescued dog, and a bird. We love this state and what it gives us. By day I’m a public school teacher, but my free time is devoted to photography.

I have been fascinated with Photography, even at a young age. I was amazed how we can capture a moment in time that will forever pass. How a single photo can speak volumes to an audience. How an image will stay with you with the rest of your life. 

About 2 years ago, I purchased an interchangeable lens camera and my wife encouraged me to head over to Falls Road and take photographs of an overpass that had covered in graffiti. From that moment I was hooked. My love of these places that were forgotten began that day. Places that not many people see on a regular basis. I was introduced to the world of Urban Exploring. 

Urban doesn't automatically mean "city." Urban Exploring means photographing man-made structures that are abandoned. Baltimore once had a population of almost one million people. But because of shifts in the economy and industry, the city lost nearly half of its population. The city still had the buildings, but in time, lost much of the population. Baltimore has over forty thousand abandoned buildings and it is an urban explorer’s dream.


I have had multiple shows all around the city of Baltimore, highlighting my photography and my knowledge.

Baltimore Sun Featured Photographer
NPR Featured Photographer
Art Gallery Showing @ Katwalk Boutique - May 2013
Art Gallery Showing - Cafe Latte Da - July 2013
Art Gallery Opening and Discussion - Living Wellness Center - March 2014
Art Gallery Showing - Tribecca Coffee - September 2014
Art Gallery Opening - Alchemy of Art - October 2014