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Artist Work

Aspects of Joy
Garden of Roses
Marine Fantasy
Girl in the Mirror
Magical Bloom
acrylic,mixed media painting
Aquamarine Shimmer

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

When i was in elementary school I had some great teachers who recognized I liked art and loved to draw and paint.I was allowed to work on murals in the hallways for all the holidays and enter poster and coloring contests.some of which i won.I got to paint on the department store windows of our town every halloween with a team of classmates.I would do portraits of my friends and design imaginary fashion outfits for them.I was voted best artist in my graduating class in high school.My mother had passed away when i was nine and it was a loss never to overcome but was made bearable by my art interests.My painting and art education in the 60's was influenced by the coolest new painters like Jim Dine,Andy Warhol.Roy lichtenstein,jackson Pollock,mark rothko.I was committed to self expression,painting for me is in the act of doing.My paintings are intuitive and personal and i hope to convey a sense of joy or happy feeling to the viewer.My work has evolved in the medium of acrylic painting and mixed media.,I think i would be considered a colorist and expressionist.I like to express my wonder and awe of nature.Children usually like my paintings.

Artist Bio

Ann kathryn kagans large,expressionistic,fantasy interpretation of flowers,landscapes,skyscapes and romantic symbols and figures are influenced by forms and colors of nature.She works on conveying an atmospheric mood with a technique of energetic brushstrokes and vibrant color.Origionally from New Brunswick,New Jersey,she majored in painting and Art Education at the Universty of Cincinnati,school of Design,Art and Architecture.,where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and art education.When Ann arrived in Baltimore in 1969,she continued her education at the Maryland Institute of art and the college of Notre Dame.As a private art teacher for children and substitute art teacher in area schools she also volunteered for numerous organizations in Maryland,including the Womens Eye bank,Maryland Art Place and the y.w.c.a.womans jobcorps.Her paintings are in many private collections and she has had numerous one woman exhibitions of her work.