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Artist Work

AIDS is Everyone's Disease
January 2008
Fiber: Yarn and Wire
May 2008
Digital Photography
Cell Structure/ Spastic Flux
June 2008
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
24x 30
Disk Shock
April 2008
113 DVD's and a Hubcap
approx. 2' x 3'
Web of Light
February 2008
Digital Print- 32x48
Clinging to Sanity
Found Objects/ Assemblage
4 Feet Tall

Artist Information

Cecil County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am an all around artist with a very eclectic mold when it comes to the type of work I do. I love doing assemblages, painting, photographing, and sculpting. I am completely abstract with almost all that I do, because i feel that it makes life more interesting..... I love to create poetic representations of an idea with my sculptures and paintings and they will always be titled accordingly.

Artist Bio

Growing up I always loved my art classes. I was the biggest fan of using clay which I was first introduced to in my 3rd grade year. I wasn't good at it though. I was the one everyone else in the class blamed for the destruction of their goldfish/ashtray or puppy/ashtray. I then went on to Middle school where i first started to paint. I had gotten better at doing things correctly. So, when i went on to high school, I threw that all away and began painting and sculpting the way I saw fit WITH NO MIND AS TO WHAT IS "RIGHT" which suited me. I had great classes that gave me time to experiment and therefore find a stylistic niche that I am comfortable in. I am now a student at Cecil College in North East, MD and hope to go on to MICA after two years at CC.