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Andrea Noel

Andrea Noel


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Prince George's County
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Visual Arts

Artist Statement

While an undergraduate student at Howard University I learned an art technique from a friend; drawing free-form images with markers. This technique evolved into something more than shapes, patterns and vibrant colors. This technique became prayer during a painful and shifting season in my life. I used drawing to quiet my mind, anxieties and fears. I used drawing to find peace during chaos. I used drawing to feel God’s presence and to connect with my soul. That was in 2002, and as the seasons of life changed, my artwork evolved visually. In my artwork themes became easier to identify, patterns grew more complex and my drawings transitioned from a form of escape to prayer, passion, and now purpose. God’s work with me is revealed in my work by way of sharpie markers and watercolor paper. Today one of my life’s purposes is to listen for inspiration, envision beauty, and make art afford-able to all. I want my art to be a vehicle for others to connect with God, self and creation. My artwork illustrates anywhere from one to three main images that relates a specific theme. Once those images are in place, I weave intricate patterns around these main images. The final step to my artwork involves strategically applying vibrant colors in such a way that slightly hides the main images, while still allowing viewers to see patterns come alive. I am always surprised by what images people see in my artwork. I hope to grow Listen Vision Gallery into a brand that connects people with affordable art, captures life in all its energetic colors, and inspires others to create what gives them joy.

Artist Bio

Andrea Noel is a native of Trinidad, West Indies. After a decade working across the U.S., as an engineer in private and public sectors, Ms. Noel began re-envisioning her career. Her new vision was motivation to complete a Master of Divinity at Howard University, and a two-year residency at Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups and Retreats. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Spiritual and Pastoral Care at Loyola University Maryland. Apart from her work as an engineer and spiritual companion, Ms. Noel is also a visual artist and founded Listen Vision Gallery in 2013 to share her vibrant illustrations with the world. Ms. Noel describes her life’s work as being able to help individuals listen inwardly, seek out truth, and engage notions of purpose. In the world of art, Ms. Noel listens for inspiration, envisions beauty, and makes original fine art affordable to all. Visit her at or on Facebook at