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Artist Work

My Mandala
Cut yarn laid on floor
52" x 50"
Mixed media on wall, floor
75" x 32" x 11"
Memory Machine
Yarn, nails on wall
8' x 8'
Graphite on duralar
15-3/4" x 15"
Consonance/Dissonance (Detail)
Tempera paint on all four walls, floor
Installation, room size 16' x 15' x 8' tall
Sea Change
Tempera paint, cups, yarn, wooden sticks, thumbtacks on wall, floor
96" x 92" x 14"

Artist Information

Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I view art-making, like life, as a series of incremental choices. Each selection informs the next, and the result can be something more interesting than originally imagined. One mark opens up the space for another, and this space is where beautiful “mistakes” occur and can be embraced. I start small, intuitively weaving and layering as I go, often using repeating lines or shapes. How these intersect, overlap, or negate each other fascinates me. The details precede the whole, and an underlying order emerges. Recently, I’ve been exploring this visual vocabulary though various media. Whether I’m using graphite, wire, thread or paint, I approach each piece as a drawing. The line remains central, and the impulsive imagery finds its outlet. I’m drawn to opposites: organic/architectural, fragile/resilient, familiar/novel, ephemeral/enduring. These divergent influences work their way into my art through materials or quality of line. My inspirations include cracks in the sidewalk, layers of ripped posters in the subway, patterns created by piles of rubber bands or peeling paint, wide-open landscapes bisected by fences, the wires of electrical plants against the sky—unintentional art etched onto nature by the patina of human use, or vice versa. A successful day in the studio happens when I can suspend, if only for a short time, the idea of work altogether. Process prevails and the connection to my own childlike sense of discovery becomes primary. The payoff is that “ah ha” moment—one I cannot predict and one that never comes when I am focused on finding it.

Artist Bio

Allison Wade is an artist who works in mixed media. Her juxtaposition of various materials and approaches plays on the tension between two and three dimensions. The line occupies a central role in her pieces, both as a mode of expression and as a building block for more complex forms. Allison just completed the post-baccalaureate program at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Prior to attending MICA, she spent ten years in New York City, most recently as a manager and graphic designer at a financial services firm. Allison received her BA in English literature from Stanford University and is a native of Dallas, Texas.