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Allison Bartkowski

Allison Bartkowski

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Allison works as a visual artist; painting, drawing, and printmaking are her preferred ways of making art. She depicts semi-representational abstract imagery as well as surrealism and is also very skilled in doing realistic figurative work. Her work stems from her own personal experience and her love of nature. Allison recognizes the similarities in natural geometry and how closely related in form it is to human anatomy and how human anatomy can be abstracted in such a way that it is recognizable as something from nature, like a flower or certain patterns of fungi growth.

Artist Bio

Originally from the country, in a small town named Denton, I'm an artist with big dreams. My first passion was music and although I loved playing piano and composing music, I found that it wasn't the right path for me. I have always painted and drawn my whole life and when I was in Middle school I started designing my own clothes and sewing them together. I think this started my career as an artist. I have always loved to be creative and make something from nothing, a few scraps of fabric into a blouse or industrial foam into a sculpture and soon came painting, drawing and printmaking. I started as a visual arts student at Towson University and I found my love for many different disciplines. I love incorporating sculpture into my paintings and also finding new abstract ideas to turn into beautiful works of art. My inspiration comes from nature, people I love and my own personal experiences. My dream is to make art for the world and show my art to many different audiences and hopefully my own experiences and insight can possibly reach out to others and have them relate to me on a personal level, even if their interpretation of my work is comepletely different than my original intention. I find it intriguing to hear peoples interpretations of my work because that is them trying to relate to my work from their own experiences or what they might think something is representing could be just a recognizable object and that is pure psychology; which is very interesting to me.