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Artist Work

Spontaneously Monoecious
5' x 6'
40 sq. ft
Rockwood School
summer 2012
250 SQ feet
4' x 8'
Spirit of Discovery
177 sq. feet
Sea of Love
10'x 30' (300sq. feet)

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Since 2000, my work has involved the creation of contemporary mosaics. Mosaic art offers me the ability to take something that is whole or complete, such as a sheet of stained glass and deconstruct the materials to create a body of work that is both new and beautiful. Working in mosaic, I am very drawn to the limitless palate and textures found in various forms of tessera. Within my designs I create organic forms and movement by hand cutting all of my materials and constructing the mosaic in a way where the individual pieces are placed at various angles. I enjoy working in a fairly large scale and will work on one art piece for weeks or even months at a time. My artwork is often created spontaneously, allowing the mosaic to transpire freely with the addition of each piece I glue down. The versatility that mosaic offers is a crucial factor that affords me the ability to span the gap between functional and non-functional as well as both interior and exterior works of art. In the past two years my work has evolved to include many outdoor/public installations. Public art is a gift that provides a community with inspiration and beautification. My goal with all of my mosaic work is to create a truly meaningful and timeless piece of art that will bring joy to the viewer. I want the passion and happiness that I put into each mosaic to come alive: to be felt and experienced to all those that view my work.

Artist Bio

I was born in Georgia and grew up in Savannah. I spent my summers on Tybee Island, where my family still resides. Growing up on the beach and my exposure to the Atlanctic Ocean continues to inspire my artwork and comfort my soul. In 1994 I left Georgia and moved out West to Arizona, where I discovered the desert and my husband, Steven. I studied fiber arts in college and went on to become a professional weaver. I loved weaving and creating colorful textiles but later discovered that weaving would serve only as a foundation to my mosaic career. I discovered mosaic art in 2003, while teaching art at the Friends School in State College, Pennsylvania. After three years of teaching I left the Friends School to pursue a career as a full time mosaic artist. Since then my life has been filled with mosaic. I began like most mosaic artist do, which is to mosaic everything and anything you can get their hands on. Although I am largely self- taught, my capacity grew as my inventory and experience grew. For me, mosaic offers endless possibilities which allows my work to constantly evolve and continue to excite my imagination.
In 2008 a month before moving to Maryland, I created the first mosaic mural for the town of State College, Pennsylvania. This experience was very profound and helped propel me into the world of public art. In 2010, I was selected along with fellow friend and artist, Bonnie Fitzgerald, to create a mosaic mural and sculpture for Rockville City Hall in Rockville, MD.
Today I continue to work on large public murals and collaborate with other artist in my area as well as teach a multitude of mosaic workshops and classes in my Ashton studio and serve as an artist-in-residence at many public schools in efforts to share my passion of mosaic art.