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Alan Rhody

Alan Rhody


Artist Work

2015 -2016
Soapstone | 3D Hologram (film)
[H= 15", W=4", D=14", approx 29 lbs].
Marble sculpture
[H= 6", W=7", D=24", approx 58 lbs].
Marble sculpture
[H= 7", W=4", D=5", approx 8 lbs].
FIAT LUX (Let There Be Light)
Marble sculpture
[H= 11", W=6", D=13", approx 52 lbs].
20 x 10 x 14
Marble. Note: Stone has naturally occurring black and brown inclusions.
[H= 18", W=9", D=9", approx 90 lbs].

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am a Baltimore-based artist. Using classic materials, time-honored carving techniques, and simple tools, I handcraft contemporary stone sculptures. I enjoy challenging the notion that stone carving belongs solely to past eras. For instance, many people only associate marble sculpture with the untouchable artifacts, saintly statues, and somber monuments found in history museums, old churches, and ancient cemeteries --- I like creating marble artworks that reflect more modern times, are a bit more whimsical, and can be enjoyed in the home, garden or gallery. (And where the sculptures can be closely admired, since I believe that stone art provides a unique tactile experience.) I also work with alabaster and soapstone. In addition to carving the most primitive material -- rock, I also create 3D imagery (holograms) using highly advanced photo-optical technologies in the laser laboratory. Holography can be considered "sculpting with light." A recent exhibition included a sculpture and a holographic image of that sculpture, side-by-side. The hologram was produced as a result of a 2016 Artist-in-Residence award from HoloCenter. My professional portfolio also includes fused glass artworks, large-scale image projections (lightshows), and digital graphics.

Artist Bio

Alan Rhody- Artist Bio / Artistic Endeavors

Most of Alan Rhody’s professional life has been spent loitering at the intersection of art, technology, communications and business.

He has lived and worked primarily in the Baltimore/DC region and in the San Francisco Bay area.

During 2016, he was the Artist-in-Residence at the Towson Arts Collective (sculpture) and HoloCenter's Ohio State University Physics laboratory (holography). In 2017, he returned to Ohio State to compete his residency.

In April 2017, his sculpture was awarded an Honorable Mention at the Healing Hands juried exhibition (of fifty artists) at Columbia Arts Center.

Handcrafted Stone Sculpture. 2013 - present.

Rhody currently sculpts at Studio 1412 (Lutherville, MD). He is experimenting with both primitive and realistic imagery.

He works with a variety of materials (soapstone, alabaster, marble), using mainly hand tools to shape and finish the rock. He sources some of the materials himself from a local abandoned quarry.

He continues to learn and practice the art of handcrafted stone sculpture at the Community College of Baltimore County (Maryland) under the guidance of sculptor John Himes.

Fused Glass. 2005 - 2010.

Continuing his experiments with light and color, Rhody learned and practiced the art of fused glass at several schools and studios in the San Francisco Bay area. He prefers producing larger, window-sized pieces, in addition to bowls and displayware.

He has produced a variety of playful representational pieces and geometric abstracts featuring deep shades of purple, blue and turquoise. Many of his pieces feature dichroic highlights and textures.

Interface Design/ Digital Graphics. 2000 - present.

Rhody utilizes his design and visual art skills in order to produce instructional materials and software, including award-winning educational programs to aid disabled individuals. He is a skilled interface designer for web-based tools and services. His digital production portfolio includes graphics, illustrations, and animations. As a User Experience Specialist, he worked on several high-level projects for the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration.

Holography. 1985 - present.

Rhody was fortunate to be enrolled at the Holography Institute (an art school in the San Francisco Bay area) when the newly-emerging field of display holography was transitioning from small art studios and private research laboratories to public art galleries and commercial establishments. Working at a succession of notable companies (Reconnaissance: Technology as Art, Holos Gallery, AH Prismatic, Spectore, The Hologram Company, Holography News), he was instrumental in the distribution of pictorial (3D) holograms and related information throughout the world.

Due to his knowledge of holographic arts and technologies, he became co-editor and lead author at Ross Books, publisher of a renowned series of holography-related texts (Shoebox Holography, Holography Marketplace, Holography Handbook). He served on the board of the Laser Arts Society for Education & Research and presented at various international conferences.

He recently resumed hologram production using the ruby pulse and CW lasers at Ohio State University Physics Dept as part of the HoloCenter's Artist Residency Program.

His art holograms have been displayed and sold worldwide.

1982 - 2005. Visual Projections ("light shows")

Rhody, along with fellow artist Vince D'onofrio, created GEL-O-TRONICS to to provide unique visual experiences, mostly in conjunction with live music events. Using pre-digital technologies (e.g., slide projectors, overhead projectors, special lenses, specially prepared slides, holographic foils, etc.), they illuminated a wide variety of venues ranging from small nightclubs to large convention centers with projected imagery and color. Visuals were typically served live (in real time), with minimal prerecorded sequencing. They specialized in large format exhibition, projecting on custom-designed screens, walls and outdoor landscapes.

In addition to numerous concerts in the Baltimore and San Francisco areas, notable productions included the 2000 Millennium celebration featuring String Cheese Incident (Portland Civic Center, Oregon) the Phil Lesh and Friends 2001>2002 NYE concert (Kaiser Auditorium, CA) and Steve Kimock / Zero tours (Hawaii).