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Artist Work

Homing Device (for the Politically Challenged)
wood, acrylic, map of the Amazon, lenticular fragment and foil, star map, crystals
28"h x28"w x 4"d
Wood, acrylic, mixed media
84"h x 44"w x 12"d
A Tent of Stars
Acrylic, wood, optical plastic, carborundum, steel brads
36"h x 48"w
The Fall
Wood door, mixed media, acrylic, copper sheeting, crystals, 24k leaf
84"h x 57"w x 11"d
wood, assemblage
35"h x 35"w x 8"d
Skin Scraper
24"h x 13"w x 2.5"d

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)
Prior to 2012

Artist Statement

Inclusive, adaptive, and collaborative, my creative sensibility seeks after the implications and intuitions of a spiritual investment in the invisible and the mysterious. In tandem, I love the contradictions of the physical, the visceral and all that celebrates the profuse diversity of life. Beginning with a childhood in the western Pacific, to high school years in Central America, to Navy years culminating as a team member of the Blue Angels, to various adventures in Europe and Asia, my sources and ideas are founded upon a synthesis of contrasting cultural identities and the inherent contradictions in our collective consciousness. This drives my visual work in a range of mediums and directions. My work manifests a consistent engagement with connecting people through ideas, materials and methods . I believe that everything and everyone is related or connected in complex ways. It’s a matter of hunting and digging for the surprises and implications between issues of identity and the body to uncover the resonant abstraction of explicit and implicit elements. This approach is best realized in walk through installations that use a range of materials to manifest a suspension of real time to create a visceral experience.

Artist Bio

EDUCATION: Otis Parsons Art Institute (BFA, 1988); Maryland Institute College of Art and Design,Baltimore,MD (MFA, 1990).

SOLO EXHIBITIONS: Dancing Light- Baltimore Convention Center-07-08, Ocean- Creative Alliance, 3-07, Forest House, Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis- 06, Hand in Hand, Seoul, Korea-04, Embassy of Korea, Wash, DC-02, Hunting Light- 02,Quiet Waters Park,Annapolis,MD, The Scent of Light-01, Gomez Gallery, Baltimore,MD, Alzaruba-00 Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick,MD, The Scent of Light-00, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, Cazenovia,NY, 18th Annual Invitational-98, Montpelier Cultural Arts Center, Laural,MD.

Grants & Residencies: Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Ireland, 6/14, Creative Paradox: 9/13-5/14, Two Pollock-Krasner Fellowships,(2006, 1992-1993), senior Fulbright Fellowship-Korea-03/04, 4-Maryland State Arts Council grants, 2003, 2000,1997),1992; 2-Stone Quarry Hill Art Park grants,96, 06; Vermont Studio Program (96); Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation's NY Space Program-92/93, the Blue Angels, the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (80-84).