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Adrienne Moumin

Adrienne Moumin


Artist Work

Double Cotillion
Hand-Cut-and-Assembled 3-D Gelatin Silver Photo Collage
19-3/8” x 19-7/8” x ¼”
Hand-Cut-and-Assembled Gelatin Silver Photo Collage
29" x 29"
The Future
Hand-Cut-and-Assembled Gelatin Silver Photo Collage
32" x 25"
Broken Windows Theory
Hand-Cut-and-Assembled 3-D Gelatin Silver Photo Collage
28-1/4” x 26-3/4” x 1-1/4” deep
Bouquet of Lights
Hand-Cut-and-Assembled 3-D Gelatin Silver Photo Collage
20-3/4" x 18-5/8" x 2" deep
Hand-Cut-and-Assembled Gelatin Silver Photo Collage
35-7/8” x 32-1/4”

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

These handmade photo collages are part of an ongoing series begun in 2000, and they combine my lifelong involvement with both silver-based photography and collage, as distinctly separate practices. The inspiration for this series is the architecture and urban landscapes of Manhattan. What began as a ten-year documentary project about the growth of the west Chelsea arts district, continues still, as I remain captivated by the city’s architectural elements and vistas. The photographs that I shoot in New York, I later transform in my darkroom and art studio in Maryland. This work helps me to reestablish my connection with New York, as I review and assimilate what I have experienced there. I also use images of nature, store window interiors, and other subjects which evoke strong feelings of a time or place. In this series, I combine B&W film photography with cut-and-assembled handwork. I create multiple gelatin silver prints of the same image, which I hand-cut and -assemble into geometric abstract collages. While at first the works may appear to be digital montages, closer inspection reveals the texture and layering inherent in the handmade pieces. These patterns could, with less effort, be created digitally. But it is my love for darkroom work, and the hand-cutting and -arranging of visual elements, which drives this process. Since my first foray into this mode in 2000 with simple small-scale compositions, I have expanded my repertoire to include application of glass and crystal elements, complicated layering, using the paper’s natural curves for 3-D effects, and use of inkjet prints. I have also moved from 35mm to 645-film format, to allow for larger, sharper prints. I was awarded a 2016 Individual Artists and Scholars Grant by the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, MD, to create the two largest-ever works in this series, as well as several others.

Artist Bio

Born in 1961 in Brooklyn, NY, I am best known for my hand-cut-and-assembled gelatin silver photo collages, and for the B&W photographs from which they are made.

I am a self-taught collage artist, and created my first work at 8 years old, a bookcase covered with meticulously cut and pasted magazine pictures.

In 1999, I graduated from SUNY Empire State College with a B.A. in Documentary Visual Studies and Society - a self-styled major which combines my love of photography and commentary.

In the early 2000’s I began cutting up my gelatin silver photographs for use in collage, in order to carry on with my work during a period when I had no access to a darkroom. This led to my ongoing Architextures series of hand-cut-and-assembled photo collages.

I also create mixed-media surrealist collages, often using one of my store window mannequin photos as the basis for an exploration of an emotional state.

I have exhibited my gelatin silver photographs and collages in New York, and nationwide, for over fifteen years. My images have been featured in New York Gallery Guide,, and The Sun Magazine.

I have been interviewed for WBAI Radio in New York, and received a Puffin Foundation Grant for a documentary photography project in 2003. I was awarded a 2016 Grant to Individual Artists and Scholars, by the Montgomery County (MD) Arts and Humanities Council.

My photographs and collages are in private collections in the US and abroad.

I live and work in New York and Silver Spring, MD.