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Story Tapestries: Arianna Ross and The ST Ensemble

Story Tapestries: Arianna Ross and The ST Ensemble

Artist Overview

Using the threads of history unique to the lands Arianna has lived in and interweaving them with her experiences, her programs weave a lively fabric rich with stories of the past and present. She blends acrobatics, storytelling, and music to engage students in programs that entertain and enrich school curriculum. Since returning from three years with Bansi Kaul's troupe Rang Vidushak in Bhopal, India, she has performed for the Washington Storytellers' Theatre, NPR, and across the United States. She has performed at the International Children's Festival at Wolf Trap and works as an Artist-in-Residence for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts' DC Community Partnership Program.
Artist Home County
Baltimore City
Grade Level
All Grades

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