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Skher Brown

Skher Brown


Artist Overview

Contramestre Skher is the FICA-Baltimore president and head instructor. He has been dedicated to Capoeira Angola since 1994. During his early twenties, Skher met his now world renowned teacher—Mestre Cobra Mansa—while in search of a deeper connection to African culture. This meeting began his lifelong apprenticeship and induction into a five-generation lineage of Capoeira Angola that spans back into the 1800s. Skher has trained primarily under Mestre Cobra, but has also received extensive mentoring from Mestres Jurandir Nascimento and Valmir Santos Damasceno of FICA. As well, he has journeyed many times to Brazil to experience the culture, language, and community that gives expression to Capoeira Angola. Through his travels he has gained respect in Brazil and abroad. Consequently, in August 2013 Mestre Cobra Mansa awarded him the title of contramestre—the second highest title in capoeira, which is rarely bestowed to non-Brazilian born practitioners.
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Baltimore City
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Grades 1-5Grades 6-8

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