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Parran Collery

Parran Collery

Artist Overview

Artistic expression has been a definitive element of Parran Collery's life for as long as she can recall. Encouraged by her mother, also an artist, she started keeping a sketchbook at an early age, working on drawings and paintings. With an MFA degree from Rutgers University, Parran taught college ceramics for several years, and then in 1994 accepted a position at a studio that produced handmade tile. There, she was introduced to the traditional process of creating hand-pressed ceramic tiles. In 1997 Parran began working full time on her own designs, relocating her studio, Eartha Handmade Tile, to her hometown in Southern Maryland. Her work is exhibited in galleries across the US and is installed in many private residences.
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Calvert County
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All Grades

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