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Maggie Pratt

Maggie Pratt


Artist Overview

Maggie Pratt is a dedicated working artist whose visual work approaches content with an eclectic eye, and while grounded in oils, also reaches into other media, including watercolor, drawing/mixed media and 3D/installations. As a published poet she often combines language with visual art. The capricious, transitory qualities of the natural world inform her art and poetry. Personal history, philosophy, spiritual, literary and artistic traditions from several cultural sources also influence her work, including Celtic/pre-Christian, Hebrew and Norwegian. Maggie has extensive art education experience K-12/college and is currently the Art Education Director for the Evergreen Heritage Center, Mt. Savage, Md., developing and implementing integrated arts programs for public schools, and adults. She is devoted to her personal work through exhibition and publication and enjoys sharing her intellectual and technical processes with her students. ***Residencies specifically designed for grades 5-8.
Artist Home County
Allegany County
Grade Level
Grades 6-8

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