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Recognizing our Grants

Recognizing our Grants

Guidelines for Recognition of Our Grants 

Your success is our success. We want to hear about the impact your organization, program or project is making in your community and request that you acknowledge the support and grants from the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC).

If you have received a grant from us:

  • Acknowledgment of MSAC must be prominently displayed in all materials and announcements for your funded project
  • Use our logo only as it appears
  • Link to the MSAC website ( from your organization's website
  • Use the MSAC name and logo on printed materials, event signage and printed programs related to the grant
  • Acknowledge MSAC support in PowerPoint presentations, videos or reports
  • We encourage you to include on printed materials: "This (performance, project, event) is supported in part by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council. On the web at," OR "To discover more about Maryland State Arts Council grants and how they impact Maryland's arts sector, visit"
  • Include an announcement about the MSAC grant at regular/special events or meetings
  • Mention MSAC support in print, social media, radio or television interviews you give about the organization, program or project 
  • For radio/television voice overs, we encourage you to use, "This (performance, project, event) is supported in part by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council. On the web at"
  • We reserve the right to change the language of the required acknowledgment of MSAC and the right to refuse the use of our logo and our support.

Print Use

Our logo is available for download. Ideally, we would like you to use the EPS (encapsulated post script) version of our logo whenever possible.

Website Use

If you display our logo on your website, also include an active link to our site.

Logos for Download

MSAC EPS logo (color)

MSAC JPEG logo (color)

MSAC EPS logo (grayscale)

MSAC JPEG logo (grayscale)

Post your events and programs on the MSAC Calendar!

MSAC grantee organizations should post programs and events on our calendar, which appears on the MSAC homepage. This is a shared calendar with Maryland Office of Tourism, and the calendar receives thousands of visitors each day.  Events posted on the calendar are also considered to be featured in social media posts, Maryland Office of Tourism’s monthly newsletter, and The Maryland Minute weekly radio spot.

Download Calendar Posting Directions

Share Your Photos With Us!

Do you have amazing photographs of your programs, productions, activities and events? We'd love to see them! Throughout the year, we encourage you to send photos of your organization engaged in great work. There are two easy ways to share your photos with us.

Share via Dropbox
  • Log into your Dropbox account
  • Create a folder called "YourOrgName_MSAC" (for example, "MarylandDance_MSAC")
  • Select and add 5 high-resolution photos (.jpg or .tif files, minimum 900 x 1400 pixels at 300 dpi)
  • Once added, rename the files (for example, MarylandDance1, MarylandDance2, etc.)
  • Create a Word document containing captions for each numbered photo (see requirements below). Add it to the "YourOrgName_MSAC" folder.
  • Print, sign and scan the License & Release Form. Add it to the "YourOrgName_MSAC" folder.
  • Share the link to your Dropbox folder with
Mail a CD or Thumb Drive
  • Select and save 5 high-resolution photos to an empty CD or thumb drive (.jpg or .tif files, minimum 900 x 1400 pixels at 300 dpi)
  • Once added, rename and number the files to "YourOrg_1" (for example MarylandDance1, MarylandDance2, etc.)
  • Create and add a Word document containing captions for each numbered photo (see requirements below) and save it to the CD
  • Print and sign the License & Release Form
  • Mail the CD or thumb drive and License & Release Form to:
Maryland State Arts Council 
175 W. Ostend Street, Suite E
Baltimore, MD 21230
Photo Specifications
  • File Format: .jpg or .tif. (We cannot accept gifs or png files.)
  • Minimum file size: 900 x 1400 pixels at 300 dpi  
Caption Requirements 
  • Name of organization
  • Name of event, title(s) of artwork or production pictured  
  • If photo must be credited, photographer's name
  • (Optional) Description for each image not to exceed 25 words in length
Example:  American Visionary Art Museum presents Flicks on The Hill, photo by Nick Prevas.