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Maryland Presenting and Touring

Todd Marcus performs with Bennie Maupin, photo by Jason Youngers
ClancyWorks Dance Company photo by Natalia Mesa

Maryland Presenting and Touring

Sparking Collaboration: Maryland Presenting and Touring

Performing artists and presenting organizations:  a natural pair that benefit dually from the Maryland Presenting and Touring Program, which supports a rich and artistically diverse network of Maryland professional artists and performing arts organizations.

Maryland Touring Grant

Maryland Touring Grant Application Now Open!  Deadline April 27, 2018 

The Maryland Touring Grant, a granting program designed for Maryland presenters who may apply for funding to help defray costs associated with presenting performing artists listed on the Maryland Performing Artist Touring Roster, is now accepting applications for Fiscal Year 2019.  

Presenters from across the State of Maryland can request up to $3,500 to support the presentation of a roster artist or artist(s). In Fiscal Year 2018, the Maryland State Arts Council awarded over $60,000 to 29 Presenters across 15 counties in Maryland. Past recipients of the grant include the Garrett Lakes Arts Festival to present Ballet Theatre of Maryland, The Mainstay to present Todd Marcus Jazz, and the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts to present the Kuznik Piano Trio and Thomas Pandolfi.

The Maryland Touring Grant is one of two components in the Maryland Performing Arts Touring Program. The Program is designed to promote the artistic collaboration between Maryland touring artists and Maryland presenters with the goal to increase opportunities for professional performing artists to obtain successful touring engagements. The second component of the program is the Maryland Performing Artist Touring Roster, a group of Maryland-based artists who have a demonstrated history of successful, professional touring engagements. Artists who are appointed to the Roster are evaluated on artistic merit and recommendations from those presenting organizations where they have previously performed.

"We at the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) are thrilled be able to bring together our Maryland presenting organizations and artists in this way. This collaboration is critically important, as it further allows us to elevate the cultural landscape of our state," said Steve Drapalski, MSAC Program Director and head contact for the Maryland Presenting and Touring Program.

Applications for the Maryland Touring Grant are to be submitted through MSAC's online portal eGRANT.

Maryland Performing Artist Touring Roster

The Maryland Performing Artist Touring Roster comprises Maryland-based performing artists with professional experience that have been selected through a peer review process on the basis of artistic merit and a demonstrated history of successful touring engagements.

The Maryland Performing Artist Touring Roster is updated annually. Guidelines for this cycle's application can be found here. 

Maryland Presenters Network

The Maryland Presenters Network is a statewide network of Maryland professional arts presenting organizations.  The Network provides resources and networking opportunities to individuals and organizations in the presenting and touring field to advance and promote the arts in Maryland.