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Maryland Traditions Apprenticeship Award

Maryland Traditions Apprenticeship Award

Applicants to the Maryland Traditions Apprenticeship Award program should demonstrate their potential to sustain Maryland's folklife, or those cultural practices that are passed down by example or word of mouth.


Successful apprenticeship teams have a deep engagement with some aspect of folklife. Past recipients include performers of folk and traditional music, dance, or drama, as well as practitioners of folk and traditional storytelling, craft, or visual art. Other recipients have worked in occupational folklife, or those forms of folk and traditional culture connected to fields of work like blacksmithing or oyster dredging. Finally, recipients have, on occasion, focused on foodways, or those forms of folklife centered on traditional culinary preparations.

In addition, successful apprenticeship teams exemplify living traditions that have remained in existence over time and continue today. While folklife has its roots in history, it is defined by its contemporary relevance to one or another cultural community.

Finally, many successful apprenticeship teams situate their work in one of Maryland's diverse cultural communities. Past recipients have represented the African-American communities of the Upper Eastern Shore, the Nepali communities of Baltimore, the Appalachian communities of Western Maryland, the maritime communities along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, and the many East Asian communities of Montgomery County. These are only a few examples of the cultural backgrounds in which Apprenticeship Award teams have been immersed.

Application Guidelines

Maryland Traditions Apprenticeship Award applications must be submitted on paper, per the instructions in the guidelines. Applications are due Feb. 3, 2017, by mail to Maryland Traditions, c/o Maryland State Arts Council, 175 W. Ostend St., Baltimore, MD 21230.

Download the Apprenticeship Award guidelines and application here, or by clicking the link in the blue-green box above.

If you have further questions about the Maryland Traditions Apprenticeship Award, please contact Chad Edward Buterbaugh at (410) 767-6450 or